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If you want to be fulfilled, happy, content, and experience inner peace and ultimate fulfillment, it’s critical that you learn how to find your passion and life purpose. Without a life purpose as the compass to guide you, your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfill you. ~ Jack Canfield


The benefits of living a purpose-driven life are priceless.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear purpose in life?

Do you ever wonder what the heck you are supposed to be doing here?  Of course your do!  But what if you don’t know what your life purpose is?

  • What if you are a lousy goal setter, easily distracted, easily thrown off course, and very often full of self-doubt?
  • Maybe you have just graduated from college, and aren’t sure which direction to head.
  • Perhaps you’ve just been fired from a job or retired and don’t know what you should do now.
  • Maybe you have a number of interests and don’t know exactly which to focus on. 
  • Want to know where your life is headed?
  • Need to understand your past?
  • Could you use a full life map?

Do you want information you can actually use for the rest of your life?

If so, then order this custom, human made audio report (nope, no cookie cutter computer generated report  for you!) : )  This report will give you the answers you need.  

BENEFITS:  Not your typical life path report, this custom audio report gives insight, answers and direction to help you achieve your life’s purpose, understand why you are here, and warn you of tempting influences to avoid that might distract you from achieving your life purpose.  You will receive your life’s blueprint along with the details.

Blog Post: The Importance of Finding Your Life’s Purpose


Important! Please read carefully for smooth and satisfactory experience…

How to Order


Please include in the comment box at time of purchase:

  1. Your FULL government name = first, middle, last (married ladies use your maiden  name). This is the name on your birth certificate!  If you are always called by a nickname, include that name along with your official full name.  Your official name is the name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate.  Any name other than your official name will not produce an accurate report and you will have wasted your non-refundable money.
  2. Include your month, day and year of birth.  Please state the month name so It does not get confused with the day.  (Example: May 9, 1988 NOT 5/9/1988 or 9/5 1988)
  3.   Your gender assignment at birth  (AND your current gender, if applicable)

PLEASE, carefully follow the instructions above for information requested.  Your report will be calculated based upon the information you provide. Missing  information will cause your report to be delayed until the information required is provided. Incorrect information will result in an inaccurate result. By ordering this service you confirm you have read and understood the Terms of Service.

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Your Life’s Path and Purpose Report

This is a uniquely crafted report that will get you focused on your purpose and reason for being here. PROVIDE YOUR BIRTH DATE INFORMATION as spelled out MONTH / DAY / YEAR in message box at time of order. Ex: January 5, 1990 Purchase confirms you have read and understand the no refunds Terms of Service. {SPECIAL – Save $100, regular price = $340}



RUSH MY Life’s Path and Purpose Report

I need my Life’s Purpose Report within the next 7 business days! PROVIDE YOUR BIRTH DATE INFORMATION as spelled out MONTH / DAY / YEAR in message box at time of order. Ex: January 5, 1990. Incomplete or inaccurate information will delay and cause inaccuracy in your report. Purchase confirms you have read and understand the no refunds Terms of Service. SPECIAL – Save $100 off regular price of $340. $240 + $250 RUSH = $610


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