What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are potent tools for self improvement, self development and self transformation.

Everyday, if we choose, can be seen as a gift from the Divine.  Of course, some days are easier than others to appreciate these gifts as coming from a benevolent Presence.  Sure, it is easy to become entangled in anxiety, worry, stress, and even become paralyzed by thinking. Our day to day life might be filled with a multitude of stresses that affect our thoughts and cause us to feel disconnected with the truth of our being.  On difficult days, remember that one of the Divine’s most important gifts to us is the power to change our lives by using affirmations.

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Affirmations are a great tool to help us relax and grow in body, mind, and spirit.  As you repeat positive life affirming statements about yourself and your life you will notice powerful manifestations of your affirmations in your life.  Ask you Divinity for guidance on your spiritual course towards expansion and illumination, and trust you can enjoy the journey.

Many of us use negative affirmations such as ‘I can’t do that,” and “I am so stupid”, or “I don’t have enough money/resources,education, time, etc”, “ I am too fat / skinny / weak, “ to make things go my way.  These negative thoughts begin to infiltrate our subconscious mind and becomes a reality. Many of our difficulties in our lives come from our negative beliefs about ourselves and others.

Repeating positive affirmations several times per day is a powerful ritual that can reach your subconscious mind and help you reprogram your self image.  Can you escape the pit of negative affirmations? Of course! However, in order to escape you have to believe the positive affirmation with every fiber in your being.  You might feel like an imposter at first, but soon you will be able to see the truth in what you are saying and your affirmations will work even better from that point.

Here is the secret to infusing your affirmations with the fuel they need to work for you… You practice believing what you are saying for a few minutes, several times per day.  This is similar to ‘getting into the role’ the way an actor must prior to a good performance. After awhile, these affirmations will become the way your body, mind, and spirit respond to the challenges of everyday life- without your having to make the conscious effort.

We all have areas of our lives we need to work on –  in our personality, career, romantic relationships, friendships, spirituality, health, financial habits, and so forth.  

Use affirmations to augment your healing process.  An affirmation is a vibrational prayer said over and over again each day so that a more positive and healing energy can be manifested.

The repetition of special words causes a particular change, a new resonance,or a restructuring of an attitude to occur.  Recite your affirmation with the fullest possible conviction at least five times per day. Say and repeat your affirmations until you believe it as much as you can.  Stretch yourself to reach unbelievable potentials. After you really feel yourself accepting the affirmations message, then continue to say it while you envision a picture of your situation changing for the better and the actual words sink into your heart, your mind, and your entire body.

f you can, write down, at a specific time of day, your affirmation in a special notebook, used just for this purpose.  It is important to write it, not type it, as the small muscles of the hand which are used when writing more effectively stimulate the brain. Tremendous power lies in the repetition of a positive word or affirmation, but an even greater power lies in writing it.  The principle is that action is used to complete the inner thought so that, in the words of Hazrat Khan, the Sufi mystic, “when a person thinks, feels, speaks and writes, he has developed the thought the four stages and made it powerful.“

Be patient with yourself and your transformation process. To completely undo the work of deeply embedded negative affirmations, it is necessary to replace them with positive affirmations.  This takes time and effort on your part. With patient practice you will create the habit of thinking positively about yourself and our capabilities. Doing so will help your life transform into the life you have always dreamed of…and this is whether you have been looking for your soulmate, respect, contentment, romance, fun, financial security, a job or career you love, self-esteem, or the best life possible for you, I promise you affirmations can be an important part of achieving your goals.  If done regularly and sincerely, you will be surprised by the changes you see beginning to occur in your life. Remember to give thanks to the Divine for keeping its promise to you, that all you need do is ask and believe.

You might be amazed at the effectiveness of this method to help overcome personal blocks, a sense of limitation, or harmful habits.  In most cases, events and circumstances seem to align themselves magically, enabling us to move forward with greater ease and peace.

Author, Cathleen Vaune Carr

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