Vocation Work Career Report

Many people have chosen a career or line of work that merely gets them by day to day.  Very few have found their true vocation in life, where their work is an extension of their true character. The work report looks at your basic character by analyzing your astrological and numerological birth charts plus your Tarot Birth Card. Minerva’s unique approach sheds light on your hidden talents, your deepest desires and your most comfortable career options.  The result yields an understanding of the traits you were born with that you can use for satisfying work and career choices. It will help set you on the right career path.


This report contains a wealth of information about your strengths, talents, assets, challenges, and hidden potentials. 

The career report works out which career and line of work you are best suited for in your life. There are a certain combination of talents only you possess and understanding this career report will hopefully lead you to understand the role you are ideally suited to and lead you into a successful career or position.

  • IMPORTANT:  Your complete birth day, month, year, place (city and country) and Time of Birth AND your full birth certificate name are required to process these charts for your report.  If you are not comfortable sharing this information DO NOT order this report, as any information gleaned for you will not likely be correct nor complete.  Read the TERMS OF SERVICE for refund policy.  I’ll save you some time, if you purchase this report and do not provide the information necessary to fulfill your order there is a $25 service fee which will be deducted from any refund, if any refund is processed.

    Your Vocation Work Career Report

    YOUR VOCATION WORK CAREER REPORT is a personalized custom produced report – it is not computer generated. (Seasonal SPECIAL Save $100. regular price = $360)