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  • Relationship advice based upon The Life Mate Questions book
  • Personal transformation
  • Natural wellness and stress reduction, revitalization and rejuvenation 
  • Daily ‘Thinks’ – thoughts and ‘thangs’ (tips, tricks, advice, etc)  to fill your head and free your mind of programming, anxiety and stress

It is important to take the Aquariana Gateway Lessons in order but otherwise watch whatever you feel drawn to … Channel updates occur every week, sometimes more often.

Watch the introduction to the Metaphysics Today channel  on YouTube here.  This is the first video of many focused on Relationship Potential, Prenuptial Considerations, Wellness and Stress Reduction Techniques and general non-sectarian metaphysics.   : )



Here is the Introduction to the Divinatio Studio Channel on YouTube.  Watch videos of Collective Consciousness Psychic Intuitive Readings, Love Readings, Timeless Pick a Card Readings, and find lots of lessons on the Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah and more on the Divination Studio channel.


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