The BE Attitudes

Below you will find 180 of my self love BE Attitudes.  I recite them often, not always all of them at one time, but sometimes all of them.  I tend to pick randoms or focus on the ones that I feel or know need my attention and nurturing. 

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I practice saying these words as affirmations. I change up the declaratory statement (the I AM, or I Feel, or I Have preamble) as I deem necessary or desire.  Some of you might discover that saying these things to your reflection in a mirror, mirror work, really helps conscious and subconscious acceptance and retention of the thought seeds you plant.  I go over what mirror work is and how to do it in a different lesson.

This work is connected to inner transformation work and outer manifestation work.  I you make these declarations to yourself, repeatedly, with appropriate matching feeling, over time (and it won’t take long most likely)  you will begin to become increasingly aware of the qualities being every more present and profound in your life. Others will see them, too, about and around you. You can be a real hero and by simply improving yourself, inspire others to develop the desire to do the same.  It might take awhile for them to admit it or get around to it, but that part is not our business or concern. Let them follow their own drumbeat, but be their beacon of light.

There are 180 concepts I work with here, by no means is this list exhaustive, so feel free to add more of your own.

Sometimes I use each predicate (the declaratory preamble) per attitude. Just change the tense of the word to fit the predicate.  For example: Using the word, ‘adore’ as my base concept, I would say, “I AM adorable”, “I HAVE adoration”, “I FEEL Adored”, or how ever I might need to adjust the concept to fit my sense of grammar. 

Other times I just focus on the concept (s) that needs most shoring up at any given time. 

This exercise (or practice, as some need to have it described) is not rocket science, and you cannot do it ‘wrong’, unless you use undesired concepts.  That is only ‘wrong’ in that if you repeatedly declare them, they will be made manifest in your life, which I assume one would rather not have occur.

Do what feels right to you and do not be afraid to switch things up every now and again. That helps the thoughts sink in better anyway. If there are any thoughts you do not wish to use, don’t. This is my list, I am simply sharing my list with you.  I suggest you come up with your own list, as doing so will help you zero in on where you need shoring up.

You can use this list as a guided affirmations meditation by listening to the audio version of it and joining in. The Guided Meditation version of the Dr. Vaune’s BE Attitudes is here. 


I AM         I HAVE       I FEEL

  1.       Adorable
  2.       Adaptable
  3.       Abundant
  4.       Active
  5.       Adventurous
  6.       Affluent
  7.       Amazing
  8.       Angelic
  9.       Appealing
  10.   Attractive
  11.   Audacious
  12.   Awesome
  13.   Balanced
  14.   Beaming
  15.   Beautiful
  16.   Blessed
  17.   Blissful
  18.   Bold
  19.   Brave
  20.   Brilliant
  21.   Bubbly
  22.   Calm
  23.   Celebrated
  24.   Certain
  25.   Championed
  26.   Charming
  27.   Cheery
  28.   Classic
  29.   Clean
  30.   Clever
  31.   Composed
  32.   Comfortable
  33.   Confident
  34.   Content
  35.   Courageous
  36.   Coordinated
  37.   Creative
  38.   Cute
  39.   Dazzling
  40.   Delightful
  41.   Divine
  42.   Effervescent
  43.   Ecstatic
  44.   effortless
  45.   Electrifying
  46.   Elegant
  47.   Energetic
  48.   Enchanting
  49.   Energetic
  50.   Energized
  51.   Enthusiastic
  52.   Excellent
  53.   Excited
  54.   Exquisite
  55.   Facilitating
  56.   Fabulous
  57.   Famous
  58.   Fantastic
  59.   Fluid
  60.   Flourishing
  61.   Flowing
  62.   Fortunate
  63.   Free
  64.   Fresh
  65.   Friendly
  66.   Fun
  67.   Funny
  68.   Generous
  69.   Genuine
  70.   Giving
  71.   Glamorous
  72.   Glowing
  73.   Good
  74.   Gorgeous
  75.   Graceful
  76.   Gracious
  77.   Great
  78.   Grateful
  79.   Growing
  80.   Grounded
  81.   Happy
  82.   Harmonious
  83.   Healing
  84.   Healthy
  85.   Heavenly
  86.   Honest
  87.   Honorable
  88.   Honored
  89.   Imaginative
  90.   Important
  91.   Impressive
  92.   Independent
  93.   Influential
  94.   Innovative
  95.   Intelligent
  96.   Inventive
  97.   Intuitive
  98.   Joyous
  99.   Okay
  100.                       Knowing
  101.                       Knowledgeable
  102.                       Legendary
  103.                       Light
  104.                       loved
  105.                       Lovely
  106.                       Lucky
  107.                       Luminous
  108.                       Marvelous
  109.                       Miraculous
  110.                       Motivating
  111.                       Moving
  112.                       Natural
  113.                       Nice
  114.                       Now
  115.                       Necessary
  116.                       Nutritious
  117.                       Nurturing
  118.                       Optimistic
  119.                       Passionate
  120.                       Peaceful
  121.                       Perfect
  122.                       Phenomenal
  123.                       Polished
  124.                       Popular
  125.                       Positive
  126.                       Powerful
  127.                       Prepared
  128.                       Pretty
  129.                       Prominent
  130.                       Protected
  131.                       Proud
  132.                       Psychic
  133.                       Ready
  134.                       Reassured
  135.                       Refined
  136.                       Refreshed
  137.                       Reliable
  138.                       Relaxed
  139.                       Remarkable
  140.                       Rich
  141.                       Respected
  142.                       Resplendent
  143.                       Safe
  144.                       satisfied
  145.                       Secure
  146.                       Seductive
  147.                       Sensible
  148.                       Skilled
  149.                       Soothing
  150.                       Soulful
  151.                       Sparkling
  152.                       Special
  153.                       Spirited
  154.                       Stunning
  155.                       Successful
  156.                       Sunny
  157.                       Super
  158.                       Talented
  159.                       Terrific
  160.                       Thrilled
  161.                       Thriving
  162.                       Tranquil
  163.                       Transforming
  164.                       Trusted
  165.                       Truthful
  166.                       Unreal
  167.                       Unwavering
  168.                       Upbeat
  169.                       Valued
  170.                       Vibrant
  171.                       Victorious
  172.                       Vivacious
  173.                       Wealthy
  174.                       Wholesome
  175.                       Wise
  176.                       Wonderful
  177.                       Wow
  178.                       Yummy
  179.                       Youthful
  180.                       Zealous


I do hope you find this helpful.  Check back for an audio version in the works!    

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