H. Applebaum

My consultation was helpful and a nice experience.  She called on the dot.  Thank you for not wasting my time and money.

Sari and Saul Berger

We thought our marriage would never take place – I will spare you the details! Dr. Carr helped us root out the old damage from the past that was still coming up at the worst times.  She was punctual, professional and likable.  We are married now and just celebrated our first anniversary and the love is stronger than ever! This almost did not happen!!!  We used the expedited relationship service and the marriage-commitment reports.  It was so worth the money and the time.  I learned so much about myself and my guy that I just didn’t realize but it was so important to face.  Her advice made sense and was easy to follow.  Everybody should have to do this before they get married. Really. It should be the law.

J. Littlefield

I used to work for Cathleen before I got sick and took early retirement.   She was great to work for and was good to my family.  She is genuine, talented and caring.  I am proud to leave this testimonial for her.  I’d still work for her if I could but I can’t. She has helped so many people with their problems and me, too.  Thank you, Cathleen.

M. Milton III

Oh yeah she got something. Scared me some because I did not think nobody knew about what was happening but she saw it straight away and said as much. Wowweewow.

D. Merriweather

You get what you pay for and Dr. CC is no exception to that rule.  Thank you lady.

W.J. Arnold

I found out some bad news from my consultation but it was what I asked for and she was right about what she told me.  I am glad I found out when I did because it saved me from a worse problem coming my way.  I am grateful for the information and will use you again if I need to.

Grant Lewis, Jr.

I spent 15 years in a career I hated.  Cathleen found some way to find out that I needed to be in an entirely different type of job.  I was skeptical but hey, what did I have to lose? It took a minute to get into a new line of work, but now I make 3xs the money and feel great.  I highly recommend her.

L. Ingramhammer

Prices are high but I liked my report.  I will be back again (gotta save up though). Thanks

D. Dennis-Walker

I was so surprised when my audio was over 40 minutes long after I thought it would be 15 min.  I did get my money’s worth. Thank you!

J. Sharma

I have used counselors, psychics and readers for many years and find that many are good, even pretty good.  Sure, some are not worth the price.  I have no regrets about paying for the services provided by here because she was every bit as good as the best, and I like the audio preservation service.  My only complaint is I have to wait and I want what I want now! Very very happy with my consultations anyway.  I will be back again and am working on my patience!  She is worth the wait!

B.K. Bustamonte

Great reading.  I recommend.  She helped us make it.

P. Mikhailov

I used to Russian readers but I like her because she tell the truth.

J. Whitehouse

I have used Dr. Cathleen Carr three times for castings and she always gets it right.  I will be back for more.

F. F. Fauliewski

spiritual growth has been my focus for most of my life and i read books and listen to lectures whenever i can so i really appreciate the lessons she gives on youtube and the reading she gave me was so right on really accurate thank you

N. Lescomb

Listen! She told me I would take my ex husband back.  I thought she was crazy.  But I let him come back and we are happier now.  Her advice was used and it paid off for me. I cannot say it will be the same for everybody but it worked for me.  I am so glad I listened and tried a different way that I would not have thought of on my own.  Thank you so much.

T. Thompson

My audio was way longer than I had expected and I learned more than I expected.  Good job!

K. Task

My partner bought this for me and I thought this was going to be BS but she was right about it all.  Now I am a believer. Sorry I was ‘difficult’ ; )

B. Olsolm-Newhart

She was prompt, professional and positively profound.

A. J. Whittaker

Now I tell you what she told me everything right.

S. Rollins

She let me do most of the talking on the phone (which I needed to do), but the audio she gave me afterwards proved she was listening to my concerns.   The advice she gave me was SO HELPFUL.  I hope I do not need to use this service again, but I will not hesitate if I do.  THANK YOU!!!

Y. Griffiths

The fees put me off for quite awhile as I thought they were high and there are so many cheaper choices online these days.   But my intuition kept telling me to give her a try so I did. Very happy with the results.  Fees are still high but I am not mad about it.