Sun Signs and Children: Mini Lesson

In this mini lesson you will learn a little about your child’s personality based upon their sun sign.  Some signs enjoy dual rulerships from planets as lower or higher octaves of expression or according to whether the chart cast is a Western or Vedic one.

sun signs for children

The Aries Child  March 21 – April 19

Aries children, born under the rulership of Mars, are from the minute they are capable of toddling, active and rambunctious.  Born under the first sign of the zodiac, fiery Aries kids also like to be first. They will enjoy any playtime activity that feels thrill-seeking and allows them to ‘go fast’, or be the leader. They are naturals at all kinds of games.  Their innate competitive nature comes through early on and they often find sports ideal for their spirit.


The Taurus Child  April 20-May 20

Taureans in general enjoy leisure, as they are ruled by luxury loving planet of Venus. Little Taureans are good little nappers, snugglers and are generally peaceful children with fairly long fuses. They identify with the senses more than other signs, so when they are tired, they will make it known they need rest. When hungry plus angry look out!  You will need to be able to stand your ground when disciplining this fixed earth sign.  As my great-grand-mother used to say, these children put the stutter in stubborn.


The Gemini child   May 21-June 20

As the sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, this naturally curious air sign child is likely to be chatty and full of endless questions.  The LOVE to talk and text. Tech savvy and outrageously bright, this mutable air sign may suffer a bit from a short attention span.  They are only topped by Virgos in their interest in learning. They are also interested in being social. They have naturally strong communication skills.  They will likely audition for plays, sign up for creative writing classes or the debate team.


The Cancer child   June 21-July 22

Ruled by the moon and the sign of Cancer, these little darlings are innately nurturing and family oriented.  They crave emotional connection to and support from loved ones, especially primary caregivers. They tend to be little foodies who enjoy helping out in the kitchen.  They love playing make believe. They can at times be moody and can become distant or fully retreat into their own little world (like a crab’s shell) but once they are recharged, they will be back and more at ease.


The Leo Child   July 23 – August 22

Like a big, bright sun, Leo children are joyful, playful, creative, and sociable—sometimes drama queens.  Though the occasional Leo can be shy, most love being the center of attention. You can often count of them to put on a song and dance show or make their own YouTube videos – starring themselves.  They are inclined to be the leader of their pack, and can be bossy on the playground, but will often attract an entourage by ‘ruling’ them with charisma and their happy-go-lucky-charm.


The Virgo Child  August 23-September 22

Virgo children can be among the most helpful and like to be taught ‘how and why’ of doing things.  They tend to be naturally neat and clean, and like to read more than talk, though they love a good conversation, even at an early age.  Ruled by the planet Mercury, their over active, perceptive minds can benefit from yoga to help them calm it down.  They need plenty of productive outlets for all that mental energy. They like to write and are inherent bookworms.


The Libra Child  September 23-October 22

Try to keep your domestic spats out of earshot of little Libras, as the disharmony takes an especially sharp toll on them. Ruled by Venus, little Libras adore being social, having tea parties, hanging with their pals on the playground, and attending / arranging birthday parties and play dates.  Dress up and kindergarten crushes tend to happen. Did I mention how much they hate discord?


The Scorpio Child  October 23 – November 21

Little Scorpios tend to have very intense emotions that they often keep to themselves.  That being said, they can be quite the little go-getter. And even young Scorpios will not let a wrong go with out some sort of retribution.  They are capable of giving the silent treatment, if nothing else. They are often charming, intuitive, and empathic. They enjoy playing by themselves, but their quiet magnetism makes it easy for them to pull together a group of trusted pals, if desired.  These darlings are ruled by Mars and Pluto.


The Sagittarius Child  November 22-December 21

Little Sagittarians are full of fearless adventure and exploration.  They are outspoken and sharply frank, though usually good natured. They love to entertain and to be entertained; as much as they love team sports.  Many take to foreign cultures and languages early on, and love to travel to near and far destinations.  Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter.


The Capricorn Child  December 22 – January 19

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, so this is often the child who is wise beyond his/her years. They can be serious, studious and driven to lead in a behind-the-scenes way, perhaps by organizing activities at recess, being tapped as team captain, or later serving as a camp counselor.  These children are often grounded and responsible, almost to a fault. Encourage them to lighten up and play. They often are especially close to older relative and find comfort in family traditions. 


The Aquarius Child  January 20 – February 18

Revolutionary Uranus, ruled by the planet Mercury, energizes this sun sign and makes these little tykes quirky, independent, and sneaky until they are old enough to be rebellious.  They are often quick to strike out on their own regardless of parents or peers. They are extremely social and have no problem making friends with all kinds of kids and often are very popular. They take to high tech most easily.  They are often affectionate, free-spirited and demanding.  


The Pisces Child  February 19 – March 20

These little ones love bedtime stories that feed their active imaginations or even making up their own. They are more susceptible to nightmares when ruling planets Venus or Neptune experience stressful aspects. These children are sensitive and compassionate.  They often have a dreamy look about them. They might enjoy dancing, running, swimming or water sports. Many enjoy theatrical activities. Most benefit from extra bolstering of their self esteem and self image.


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