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Your Life Path Numerology Report

Want to know where your life is headed?

Need to understand your past?

Could you use a full life map?

Do you want a report you can actually use for the rest of your life?

If so, then order this report.


What is Numerology?


Numerology is an ancient science as old as recorded history, dating back to the time of the Sumerians. Modern numerology has its beginnings in the teachings of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who has also been called the father of mathematics. Numerology is the study of the vibrations of numbers, and Pythagoras believed that each number had its own individual vibration.  Modern science is aware of the fact that all things in the universe are made up of vibrations.

Numerology is the foundation, through numbers, of the bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be.

Since each person has a unique vibration when they are born, the science of numerology can be used to help us better understand how the vibrations of our numbers will affect both the positives and negatives in all aspects of our personalities, as well as the choices we make as we journey through life. This is what is referred to as the life path.

The practice of Numerology is divination by numbers.

A complete numerology chart for an individual is compiled from different numeric vibrations (i.e. the vibrations of a person’s date of birth, full name and birth, etc.) The day number of your birth, for example, is just one aspect of a Numerology reading.  Numerology can uncover your destiny and life’s purpose.

This mini explanation should not be considered a complete explanation of Numerology, but is simply a very brief introduction to the subject of numerology.

Minerva’s Life Path Report

Your Life Path Report, calculated, created and produced by Minerva, is based upon Pythagoras’ various numerical formulas (and more, but that’s part of the secret sauce ; ) .  Minerva will determine the master plan of your life and provide a complete audio report revealing, step-by- step, from birth to death, what your life experience includes and expresses,  including potentials and pitfalls.

You see the past, present and the future.

This report is insightful and accurate.

It takes a while to do all the calculations and analysis (this is no computer generated, every-man, impersonal report like the free one’s you can get online). You get an ‘all about you and your life’s journey’ detailed, custom, audio report averaging hours +/- long) saved as a  MP4 and made available for you to access, keep and review at your convenience.

Do you want a report you can actually use for the rest of your life?

If so, then order this report.





For all Divine Life Path Reports…Please include in the comment box at time of purchase:

  1. Your FULL government name = first, middle, last (married ladies use your maiden  name). If you are always called by a nickname, include that name along with your official full name.  Your official name is the name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate.  Any name other than your official name will not produce an accurate report and you will have wasted your non-refundable money.
  2. Include your month, day and year of birth.  Please state the month name so It does not get confused with the day.  (Example: May 9, 1988 NOT 5/9/1988 or 9/5 1988)
  3.   Your gender assignment at birth  (AND your current gender, if applicable)

PLEASE, carefully follow the instructions above for information requested.  Your report will be calculated based upon the information you provide. Missing  information will cause your report to be delayed until the information required is provided. Incorrect information will result in an inaccurate result There are no refunds or redos once your report calculations are produced.  By order this service you confirm you have read and understood the Terms of Service.



Life Path Numerology Report

This is a long cradle to grave report custom made for you by Minerva - it is NOT computer generated. You will receive an audio recording or link to your audio recording at the email address you provide. Purchasing this service confirms you have read and understood the Terms of Service.






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