Relationship Services

RELATIONSHIP POTENTIAL is my theme and focus


My readings and reports are:

For people who need to understand themselves better regarding loving relationships

For people dating but hoping for more substantial relationship

For people hoping to attract and develop a person capable of committed relationship

For people already in serious relationship who are considering commitment

For committed couples who are preparing for marriage

For people in committed relationships who are struggling with their partner

For people curious to know if the one in your life now is realistically ‘the one’ forever


Whether never married or married a time or two or three before, give yourself and your partner a better chance of lasting happiness and marital satisfaction.  This information can help you avoid heartache by finding our early whether a person can give you what you need. Spare yourself the misery, expense and feelings of loss and failure that accompany relationship splits and divorce. Think of all the time and money you can save with prior knowledge of your relationships potential for lasting success.  Invest a little time and money now and save many thousands of dollars later…


1) Commitment Ability Report

2) Paired Future Forecast

3) What is better and cheaper than a prenup?

4) PreMarital Counselling (via Skype)