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Relationship potential is the theme and focus of this work…


This service is:

  • For people who need to understand themselves better regarding loving relationships
  • For people dating but hoping for more substantial relationship
  • For people hoping to attract and develop a person capable of committed relationship
  • For people already in serious relationship who are considering commitment
  • For committed couples who are preparing for marriage
  • For people in committed relationships who are struggling with their partner
  • For people curious to know if the one in your life now is realistically ‘the one’ forever

Whether never married or married a time or two or more before, give yourself and your partner a better chance of lasting happiness and marital satisfaction.  This information can help you avoid heartache by finding our early whether a person can give you what you need. Spare yourself the misery, expense and feelings of loss and failure that accompany relationship splits and divorce. Think of all the time and money you can save with prior knowledge of your relationships potential for lasting success.  Invest a little time and money now and save many thousands of dollars later…

The purpose of this report is to reveal as much information about you and your partner as possible. It will enlighten you a little, and maybe even help you to make more powerful and happy choices in the areas of love and marriage. This report will explain many things about you, your partner, and how the two of you interact. However, in no way is this meant to tell you whether or not you will be successful as a couple. That success is always in your hands.  Your relationship can be successful if both partners want it and are willing to commit to making it happen. However, you may discover herein just how easy or challenging that may be for the two of you.

Your relationship report will reveal some of your personality traits, values, and other factors that make each of you who you are. I use a blend of various divination methods with thousands of years of proven value recognized around the world.  You can get a basic feeling for each of you in this section and perhaps get a new perspective on who you are. It will also reveal some of your relationship patterns – what sorts of people you are each attracted to, whether you are inclined to commitment or not, and other factors that may influence your love life.

You and your mates full names as given at birth and birth month, day and year (in that order please) for each of you is all that is needed for its completion, be sure to include all this information in the message box at checkout along with an accurate email address for report delivery. Incomplete orders will cause your production to be delayed until complete information is provided. Usually your report can be produced and delivered in a few days, however,  there are times when demand is high so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery prior to inquiring about it. Terms of service apply.


Commitment Ability Report & Couples Future Forecast 



Commitment Ability and Future Life Report

This report is for 1 person. Buy a second one for another person or for yourself. Find out now if you and/or your loved one can go the distance in a seriously committed relationship. IMPORTANT:  Please provide your (and if applicable your loved ones) full names = BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME only AND  your birthday(s) by month (spelled out), day and year like this: January 5, 1990 and June 12, 1998.  PLEASE! Pair the name with the birthday to avoid confusion on our end. If you provide nicknames or maiden names your reports will be inaccurate.  Incomplete orders will cause your production to be delayed until complete information is provided. Oftentimes demand is high so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Terms of service apply.



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