The Divination Studio

Welcome to Minerva’s divination studio page!


A ‘Master Caster’,  Minerva uses popular and more obscure, ancient methods of divination.  The methods are practiced, promoted and preserved for the benefit of those who value knowledge, insight, and conscious awareness for better decision making, understanding, planning, self protection or development, and spiritual growth.

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Classic Love, Business and Life Readings

Love or Business Relationship Readings

Your Life Path Report

Your Life Purpose Report

Your Vocation Work Career Report

Your Commitment Ability Report


FAQS & FYI, readings are made up of three (3) parts:

1) They begin with or include a specific message regarding your concern or answer to your question(s) .

2) Castings flow into the reading of whichever medium you have selected (if that applies).

3) They end with a summary and series of next steps for you to take for actualization, realization and optimum results for constructive, healing and/or effective forward motion on your life’s path (if that applies).


All readings are produced as audio recordings  (MP3 or MP4) and some include photo images of your particular castings/spreads (not videos).  

Minerva’s casting methods may include:  

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot  

I Ching, Runes, Bones


and others

Each of these is used individually or in combination to access helpful extrasensory information for down to earth practical use.


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