The Metaphysics Lessons Lists

Understand that these metaphysics lessons are useful only to those with an open mind, and that…

  • No ‘belief’ is required.  These lessons are reality based
  • All lessons are appropriate for families & individuals, teens and up
  • All people welcome- Males/Females/etc.
  • Non-Sectarian – All faiths welcome
  • Some lessons are based upon occult (occult means secret) ancient information that empowers individuals to find answers within themselves without the need for intercession of an outside third party (priest, minister, etc.). This takes the power away from the religious institutions and gives it back to you.  (That’s why they do not like it).
  • No devils, Satan’s, or evil is involved.  Just you and your divine higher power of whatever name you are comfy with using when you pray.
  • Some lessons are text others are audio or video (or a combination)
  • Some lessons are free others are fixed price or are donation based
  • This work is educational, not for entertainment

A broad spectrum of topics – something for everyone – teens and adults!

Here you will find links to current lessons. Topics include:

  • Aquariana Gateway Lessons
  • Alternative Therapies & Healing
  • Stress Reduction & Longevity (aka ‘The Nourish Project’©)
  • Guided Meditations
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Special Projects