The 1 Question Email Consult

Are you struggling with any type of relationship challenge? 

Whether love, family, business, friendship, coworker, neighbor, etc. you can ask me, Dr. Vaune, one question and get an answer via email.

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This email consulting service yields in depth advice.  No appointment necessary! 

This is a less costly, less time consuming and more convenient alternative to  counseling sessions.  

Whether or not your question or concern is inspired by The Life Mate Questions, if your goal is relationship preservation or even just the resolving of a particular impasse Dr. Vaune can help. 
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The Life Mate Questions Email Consulting Service

Ask 1 question regarding a relationship challenge you need help with, in exchange for a custom, personal and detailed answer to your problem. Please provide as much relevant information about your problem and the other(s) involved as possible for deeper insights. Your answer may be as text or audio or combination. Purchase confirms you have read and agree to the Terms of Service.



Tell Dr. Vaune about your problem and she will give you an answer that can help.  What is great about this service is it is easier to do via email, since no appointments are necessary. 

There are no promises of final resolution, that is ultimately up to you, but she can at least give advice that can help. There might be some back and forth communication in the process of  handling your problem so please answer emails from her promptly.  Your cooperation helps get you faster results!

This service is for those seeking relationship advice based upon The Life Mate Questions book or videos OR any other significant relationship challenge you are facing.  

This email service is for 1 question to be answered personally by  Dr. Cathleen Vaune Carr, JD PhD,  author of The Life Mate Questions  and Metaphysics Today YouTube channel host.  Your response will be delivered via email, as a text or audio recording (her choice).  Your answers are original and not canned responses.  You get custom service.

Questions are answered as promptly as possible and email consultations are handled only on a first come, first served basis and she likes to get to them, but if demand is high  please allow up to 4 weeks for your answer.


Please read this websites Terms of Service prior to purchase.

After your payment is processed Dr. Vaune will get in touch with you at the email address you provide.  This initial contact will come from a private email address with her name, inviting you to tell her about your problem in as much detail as you can. Check your spam folder for this message if you do not see it in your inbox. She will give you her answer via text email or an audio recording sent to you via email, (please follow the spam box rule above).

If your case is particularly interesting she might share your issue (discreetly, with your full confidentiality in tact of course) in an upcoming blog post, video or book (optional at her sole discretion), and your purchase of a consult acknowledges this possibility, and gives her permission to do so without further written permission.  To opt out of this use  YOU must say so in writing at time of purchase.

Please be aware, though Dr. Vaune is also a licensed attorney, she will not in any event provide legal advice or counsel, only relationship advice in her professional capacity as an expert Relationship Coach, and certified Pastoral Counselor.  This service does not entitle anyone to regard her as retained legal counsel under any circumstance. 

She is also an Ordained Minister, however, her advice is secular – there are no specific religious references associated with any of her services.  All faiths and sexual orientations are welcome.

 Dr. Vaune will answer your question in writing or audio recording and only within the same email stream she initiated.  Please make sure you check your spam folder and allow emails from her to be received.  We will not share your email address with any one.

Sorry, there is no RUSH option for this service.

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Just have a quick question about your lover or relationship? Get the 1 question email consult answered by Dr. Vaune without having to set an appointment.

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