Life Mate Consulting

Are you struggling with  a relationship challenge?  Could an independent third party assist you?  If your goal is relationship preservation or even just the resolving of a particular impasse perhaps I can help.  Tell me about your problem and I will give you an answer that should help.  This is easier to do via email, since no appointments are necessary.  There are no promises of final resolution, that is ultimately up to you, but I can at least give advice that can help. There might be some back and forth communication in the process of  handling your problem so please answer emails from me promptly.  Your cooperation helps get  faster results!

Please be aware, though I am a licensed attorney, I will not provide legal counsel, only relationship advice in my capacity as a Relationship Coach, Ordained Minister, and Pastoral Counsellor.  This service does not entitle anyone to regard me as retained legal counsel under any circumstance.

This service is for those seeking relationship advice based upon The Life Mate Questions book or videos.  This purchase is for 1 Question to be answered personally via email or audio recording (her choice) by Cathleen Vaune Carr, the author, channel host, and consultant.  Consultations are handled on a first come, first served basis only and please allow 2 -4 weeks as there is great demand. Please read this websites Terms of Service prior to purchase.

Next, Dr. Carr will get in touch with you (via email) inviting you to tell her about your problem. Check your spam folder for this message if you do not see it in your inbox. Then she will give you her answer (via email), (please, follow the spam box rule above). She might even share your consult (discreetly, of course) in an upcoming video (optional, at her discretion, your purchase of a consult acknowledges this likelihood or possibility, and gives her permission to do this without further written permission).  To opt out of this possibility YOU must say so in writing at time of purchase or within 24 hours of receipt of her initial consult response).


Life Mate Question Consultation

Purchase your consultation here. Purchase entitles you to ask 1 question in exchange for response. You will be sent an email from which you will respond with a statement of your problem and your question. She will answer your question in writing or audio and only within the same email stream she initiated as this is an account reserved only for this purpose. Please respond to her emails ASAP for faster handling of your problem. Please make sure you check your spam folder and allow emails from her to be received. Your email address is shared with no one else. Be sure you have read and understand Terms of Service for this website.