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 “One God – Many Paths”


I offer 3 types of lessons to the general public:

      1. General metaphysics as The Aquariana Gateway Lessons
      2. Alternative natural well therapies and methods
      3. Divination theory and skill development : Find courses and classes on Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and more

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1} About Aquariana Gateway Lessons

Learn metaphysics with Minerva!  Learn how to reclaim your relationship with yourself/Divine Self /God/Source/Higher Self/ whatever you choose to call ‘it’.  Learn how to recognize your negative imprint – and fix it.  The AGLs are step by step classical metaphysics lessons presented in video program format.  You and I (and the rest of my viewers) will work together on spiritual metaphysics for the purpose of self transformation and life mastery.  There are many years worth of content in this program…five generations worth of handed down information to help guide you step by step into a better life right now, here on good ole earth.  These lessons are free of charge.

ALL Major Credit /Debit Cards Accepted. PayPal, too. Thanks!

2}  About Divination Studio lessons/classes/tutorials

Divination can show the hidden significance of events and what the future might hold based upon the present circumstances, but remember you always control your own destiny

I present and perform various methods of divination for general public information, education and methods preservation. Many of these lessons are free of charge.

These audios, videos, or PDFs may be of live demonstrations, actual readings or well organized classes. Paid content is often offered at different price points to accommodate various abilities to pay.

I am passionate about preserving these methods, exploring them with you, and encouraging others to learn how to put them into practice for the benefit of self and others.  If you are a current student or practitioner of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Bones, I Ching, Runes, or any of many other  topics I teach about you will appreciate the foundational- as well as intermediate and advanced- lessons I present.

Divination classes are offered at various levels: 

  • Newbie = You are totally new to the subject and seek a general overview
  • Beginner = You have been introduced and want to learn the basics / fundamentals
  • Intermediate = You are ready to build on top of understood basics /fundamentals
  • Advanced = You already know a lot but now desire to dig deeper toward mastery
  • Master / Professional = You are ready to charge or already charge for your services or you are ready to teach and know continuing education is a key to prosperity

I provide a wide range of metaphysical and divination content to satisfy a wide range of viewers and students.  To avoid frustration, I identify the level of content -it is important that you are aware of the level of each video class, so you will know whether or not it is right for you before you watch of buy. On YouTube check the Metaphysics Today Playlist for a subject and watch newbie, beginner, etc. video classes appropriate for your knowledge level.  So, please do not complain in the comments that the video did not go over basics when it is not a basics video ; )   Cheers!

ALL Major Credit /Debit Cards Accepted. PayPal, too. Thanks!


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