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The Master Numbers double the effects of the qualities attributed to the single digit numbers 1-9.  They also possess distinct properties. And, it is for this reason that most of them are seldom reduced to their single digit essence.  The master numbers 11 and 22 are never reduced. Their energy is often not manifested to its full positive potential until later in life, when a certain level of self-awareness and maturity has been developed.  Sometimes their positive potential is never fully expressed. People with Master numbers among either their name or Birth Date numbers often have a deep feeling of special purpose in life. It takes courage and positive support from family and the environment to help them manifest this potential.

In this mini-lesson you will be introduced to the double digit Master numbers.  A keyword is provided and then the essence of each is briefly explained.  

The label ‘God’ gets used here, substitute it with whichever of the 99+ names for ‘God’ are used by humans, if it irritates you.  The underlying principle behind the context of its usage remains the same. It is used here as most people reading this probably use that word and are not offended by it, and because it does captcher the concept being referenced.

Also, the concepts below get a little ‘heady’ as they are abstract frameworks for dynamic processes… see what I mean ; ).  I am not smart enough to dumb them down any further without losing my point, I suggest you reread them slowly, phrase by phrase until you get a feel for what is meant.  Failing that, focus on the keyword.


Let’s begin…

11: Reflection.  The connection between ‘brotherhood’ and sisterhood’ is combined to reflect the androgynous and spiritual connection between all which exists, which has ever existed, and which will ever exist.  The concept that ‘I am also you’ is reflected in the 11 vibration.

22:  Totality.  The concept of the parallel dimensions with respect to the four cardinal directions is reflected in the 22 vibration.  Actualization of the God within the self, recognition that God is in the totality of existence, and understanding of the God outside of the self, produce a combined vibration in ‘realization’ of the self, of others, and of the whole.

33:  Manifestation. Power over the total physical realm is revealed and the application of same is facilitated.  Understanding the ‘right time’ is expedited and the act of non-action is furthered: patience is a keyword. The concept of ease in actualization and the understanding of the abstraction of manifestation is reflected in the 33 vibration.

44:  Metamorphosis.  Metamorphosis and continued change throughout all times is concentrated with determination of both the acceleration and the ease of reformation of the self.  The concepts of impetus and catalytic motion are reflected in the 44 vibration.

55: Approach.  The extension of occurrences to facilitate knowledge with ease is advanced such that approach to each event/condition/experience is with absolute precision and beneficial construction.  The concept of approach via strategic techniques is reflected in the 55 vibration.

66:  Arrangement.  Arrangement of the divine order of personal life, the sacred order upon, and within, the earth, and the celestial order of the universe, is facilitated.  The concepts of organization and systematic resolutions, and the implementation of same, are reflected in the 66 vibration.

77:  Wholeness.  Transcendence of the creation of advancement combines the energies of non-restriction with the application of a devoted stamina.  The synthesis of the vibratory messages of 22 and our Mother Earth and Father Sky brings the correspondence to consummation of all within each dimension.  The concept of wholeness in entirety is reflected in the 77 vibration.

88:  Knowing / Power.  The elevation of the personal and the infinite consciousness is facilitated to encompass the actuality of ‘knowing’ and the receipt of meaningful, revealing, and significant revelations [and implementation of same] with respect to one’s unlimited and unrestricted capabilities.  The concepts of sensitivity and compassion, with the experiencing of each moment, is reflected in the 88 vibration.

99:  Evolution.  Revolution and evolution on all levels are expedited and a comprehension of the appropriate paths to completion is imparted.  Flexibility in consciousness and in the unification of past, present, future actions gains appreciation. The concept of supple adaptation to facilitate the integration of all which has transpired, is transpiring, and will transpire, is reflected in the 99 vibration.

That concludes this numerology beginners introductory lesson.  I hope you learned something you did not already know about Master numbers.  More lessons in numerology are coming for all levels of numerology students.

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