Healing Flower Essence Consult

“Helping People to Bloom”

This service allows for quick emotional healing when administered properly.

Dr. Vaune uses flower essences for in her regular practice to help people deal with difficult emotions like jealousy or resentment so these feelings will not block positive life force at a deeper level. Each remedy is associated with a different mood, emotion or personality type rather than a specific complaint.

From the ancient Egyptians to the Aborigines of Australia, to Dr. Edward Bach in the U.K. to the Native Americans and Naturopaths in the USA specific flower essences have been used to bring about emotional balance in various societies throughout the ages.


Flower essence therapies predate modern medicine.

Due to the high level of stress in modern society, flower essences are some of the most potent remedies available today. The right essence will help one clear blocks that hinder connection to Higher Self and life purpose.   Flower essences can help to resolve drama and distress in one’s life.  Resolving emotional blocks with flower essences can allow for changes freeing one to follow their life’s purpose or invest in their ideal career path.

Flower Essences are generally appropriate for children, adults, and pets.

How do Flower Essence Therapies work?

Flower Remedies work in a similar way to homeopathic remedies. click here to learn how Bach Flower Remedies work —

Emotional Support Tools = Flower Essences


essences to help you relax

How this Flower Essence Consultation service works…

Purchase your consult and

  • If you prefer a scheduled telephone consult then at time of purchase include in the message to seller box  your telephone number and a couple of dates and times you will be available to receive a call.  Dr. Vaune will email you with an telephone appointment confirmation date and time and further information. Terms of service apply.
  • If you prefer an email consult (no appointment necessary) then Dr. Vaune will contact you with questions to begin your consult.  Expect questions and a little back and forth communication prior to recommendations being provided.  Please respond to her emails promptly for fastest service.  Terms of service apply.

FYI from Dr. Vaune:

“I do not sell flower essences of any kind.  I am not sponsored by any particular brand.  I work with Bach Flower Essences for myself, my family and my pets, and clients because I am most familiar with Dr. Edward Bach’s ground breaking work but you may choose to use another brand of flower essence. I do not guarantee results, especially if other brands are used.”

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Healing Flower Essence Consult

This consultation is for Flower Essence emotional support recommendation based upon the information client provides. This consult may be conducted via phone or email (schedule phone / unscheduled email) as client identifies. Client understands they will need to then purchase the actual flower essences from the seller of their choice as actual flower essence products are not included in this service.



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