Dr. Vaune’s 5 Session Relationship Counseling Service

Save hours of time + lots of money (along with your relationship)!

This special service is for busy, money conscious people seeking premarital or marital counseling services. Dr. Vaune helps you identify and start to heal your relationship challenges in 5 closely scheduled sessions.  

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  1. It is fast and efficient.  Some people feel a lot of pressure regarding keeping appointments and paying out of pocket for lots of counselling sessions and tests – even for this important, sensible and indispensable relationship service.  For those reasons Dr. Vaune offers a unique expedited service package that covers the traditional spectrum of service, but in less time and for one much smaller flat fee. 
  2. Consider how much a wedding will cost you.  Consider how much a great dream vacation will cost you.  Consider how much a divorce will cost you…and not just financially.  Any of these events will likely cost you at least 5-10 times more than this service. Investing in resolving relationship issues is a bargain!
  3. This service is the same price whether you take advantage of it individually or as a couple.  If you start individually, your partner has 30 days to begin from your date of purchase in order to not be charged full price for their sessions.  
  4. You deserve this experience.  You deserve to be heard.  You deserve to be assisted in finding the love and harmony again you once shared with your beloved.  You deserve to be helped with healing from whatever has happened.  You deserve to be counseled in a safe space where your secrets stay your secrets.
  5. This service can accomplish in 5 sessions what others might make you spend years getting around to.  Who has time for that?

Find all the details or listen to the audio clip explaining the service and how it works below.  For emergency service order the RUSH service at the BOTTOM of this page.


The Relationship Counseling Service

Be aware this is NOT the RUSH service. This is the time and money conscious version of the Traditional Relationship Counseling service. One flat fee covers the sessions for both people and the Assessment cost. Save nearly $1000 and many hours of time! Service is for significant relationships counseling via telephone or Skype only. Please read this websites Terms of Service. You may reschedule missed sessions, but no refunds.



5 Reasons why this expedited counseling service is a wise option:

This package includes:

  1.  The Initial Intake Session
  2. Your Relationship Assessment Questionnaire, Analysis, and Report
  3. Your Individual Follow Up and Review Sessions
  4. Your Couples Next Steps Session
  5. One flat fee for all counseling sessions and the Assessment fees
  6. Get your sessions from home or wherever you have WiFi
  7. Get expert attention and advice from the popular author of The Life Mate Questions: 600 Questions and Topics to Consider Before and During Marriage for Happily Ever After

Listen to this audio where Dr. Vaune explains the details of how this expedited service works or you can just continue reading below:


(Continue reading if audio is not working or it is impractical to listen.  Both the audio and the text below is explained in even more detail during your Initial Intake session)


The genius of this approach helps Dr. Vaune and you!  Her time is valuable – so is yours – this approach allows her to help more people, including you, more quickly.  How?  This is possible because she uses an Assessment Questionnaire that zeros in quickly and accurately on your individual and couples weak spots, reducing the hours and hours of expensive sessions spent searching for clues.

If traditional 5-10 sessions (minimum) of counseling is not for you then this option should help you out.  You will get the same quality of service in only 3-4 sessions for a fraction of the price with no unexpected additional fees.  Even the Assessment tests for both of you are included in this flat fee + Dr. Vaune pays them for you up front so you don’t have that burden.

Traditionally, couples meet with Dr. Vaune individually and together, over the phone or via Skype, to explore the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship.  This happens preferably before, but even after, walking down the aisle. These meetings are spread out over many sessions, and include the initial meeting, separate intake sessions, a review of the assessments, several individual follow-ups, and at least one couples follow up, typically at least 5 (or more) sessions – and the assessment fees are not included and are paid separately by the couple.

Though there is no guarantee that your relationship will survive (so much of that will depend on you tow), some individuals or couples might benefit from more sessions, but that cannot be determined up front. If more sessions are beneficial, then a separate contract for a treatment plan can be discussed. This separate treatment plan would include additional sessions, payments, and might include assignments for self improvement.  You can simply repurchase this expedited time and money saving service for any extra sessions you might choose to get.  You can reuse this option even if your partner does not wish to continue counselling.   The benefit of this option is sessions with Dr. Vaune that can drift into personal counseling sessions without compromising the quality of the relationship counseling.  Otherwise, each individual session is billed at $350 per hour with minimum 5 sessions billed in advance.

No insurance is accepted.  No payment plan are available.  

The Expedited service is for those of us who have to care about time and money but still put a premium on our significant love relationship.

  1.  Your Initial Intake Session involves a portion of the session being devoted to background information on both parties; background information on the relationship; and preparation for the Assessment.
  2. Your Relationship Assessment is administered by an third party agency of Dr. Vaune’s choice and includes a lengthy Questionnaire that is scored for her professional analysis and recommendations.  Though the fees for this service can vary by provider, she assumes the costs for this service – it is included in the Expedited Package flat fee.  She will pay the agency for your Assessment and scoring prior to your taking it.
  3. Your Individual Follow Up and Review Sessions are where Dr. Vaune shares her analysis of your Assessment scores and report the findings with you.  This is handled privately with each person in separately scheduled sessions.
  4. Your Couples Next Steps Session includes recommendations for how you can improve, nurture and support your relationship.  This session cannot be scheduled until both parties have had their individual review session.
  5. One flat fee covers all counseling sessions and the Assessment fee.

So, rather than 5+ sessions there are 3 per person.  And rather than unpredictable fees there is one flat fee.  And not only is there one flat fee, but it is significantly less than the traditional service fee cost. So this option is less time and less money with similar results.  


TECHNOLOGY: Sessions are conducted over the telephone or via Skype only.  Three way calling is best, but use of speaker phone can work, too.  No sessions are offered to take place in person for this service.  

PRIVACY:  Your individual assessments are administered, recorded and stored separately per HIPPA privacy requirements by the assessment administration agency.

SESSION SCHEDULING: The initial session and follow-up assessment review sessions are scheduled separately. The follow-up review session is not scheduled until both parties have completed the assessment.  She simply cannot know how simple or complex the challenges are until she has the results.  

Appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 – 2 / 4 – 6 and Friday 10 – 2 only.  Time is Eastern Standard (EST)

Weekend appointments are not available.

The initial meeting session runs approximately 40-50 minutes; the follow-up and assessment review runs from 50 minutes to 2 hours; and the couples next steps session takes about 50 minutes.  You will be notified of the time requirements for each session after she analyzes your assessment and contacts you for your follow up sessions.

MISSED OR CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS: There are NO refunds for missed or cancelled sessions. This is out of respect for Dr. Vaune’s time and other people who are waiting for appointments. Also this policy encourages couples to stay on the right track regarding the care and feeding of their most important relationship.  If for whatever reason you miss or need to cancel an appointment you may reschedule for the next available time slot that works for you. Be aware there is often a minimum 6-8 week waiting period until the next available appointment.

If Dr. Vaune must miss a session whenever you are able to reschedule you will be credited for previous payment for session time.

LATE COMERS: If you are going to be late please extend her the courtesy of sending an email to let her know.  There is a 10 minute grace period for late comers. Late comers may use the remaining time allotted for their session only, with no overruns, since the schedule is tight.  If you are more than 10 minutes late there is simply not enough time to fulfill your session appropriately in fairness to you. If she is going to be late she will do you the courtesy of contacting you and you can go forward, time allowing, or you can reschedule.


The Relationship Counseling Service

This is NOT the RUSH service. This is the time and money conscious version of the Traditional Relationship Counseling service. One flat fee covers the sessions for both people and the Assessment cost. Save nearly $1000 and many hours of time! Service is for significant relationships counseling via telephone or Skype only. Please read this websites Terms of Service. You may reschedule missed sessions, but no refunds.



RUSH! Expedited Relationship Counseling Service

This IS the RUSH service. This is the same time and money conscious version of the Traditional Relationship Counseling service. One flat fee covers the sessions for both people and the Assessment cost. Still save nearly $1000 and many hours of time, but pay extra to get moved to the head of the line within 7 business days of purchase. Service is for significant relationships counseling via telephone or Skype only. Please read this websites Terms of Service. You may reschedule missed sessions, but no refunds.




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