Event Timing Service

This is a premium specialty service that can assist in the success of your endeavors.

However, it only works if you ask the right question.

This service works great for gamblers/wagerers/risk takers who need to know upcoming dates or times to make moves.  It also works great for people who need to set dates and times for important business or social events or meetings.

Matters of the heart are trickier to forecast, but can be done, it just takes more work for me (same price for you), so read about that further below…

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If your timing question is for event planning or wagering skip down to the bottom and purchase your  event timing forecast now. 


If your question is about love, please continue to read the information here…

This service is only appropriate for events already in motion of manifestation.

In most instances, like timing for gambling or event planning is easy and straightforward, but for questions about love or matters of the heart, the waters get murkier—so many things must be taken into account for timing accuracy regarding  timing for love questions.  I know this because I have published a book on the subject of timing events…decades of experience have proven certain truths to me about this subject…

What this means is, for example, if you would like to know when you are likely to be proposed to for marriage, you need to already be in a significant relationship with someone who is marriage material and sees you the same way.  Otherwise, what you really need to ask me is ‘when will I attract a relationship that will lead to commitment?’ Or, ‘what needs to happen in our current relationship that will ready us for serious consideration of marriage?’

Do you understand?

That having been said,  that means you and I might have to have some communication back and forth to identify the right question for you to be asking about your love life prior to my creating a forecast about ‘when’ what you desire in the love department will manifest.  For questions involving love, expect me to ask a few questions in order to get the question right for you.  The question must be right for the answer to have any meaning or accuracy.  After we get the question right, I will only then determine the timing using my secret sauce  {Do not ask me for the recipe, lol ; ) }

So, let’s find a good time for whatever activity you are planning!

How this works:

Please respond promptly to emails for faster service, and try your very best to answer the question(s) I ask without giving me a lot of extra details that do not matter for my work.  I prefer to work via email and will only schedule a phone consult for complex matters (as I deem).  Scheduled telephone consultations require your cooperation to be available when you agree to be available.  Terms of service apply.

Obviously, I cannot be held responsible for events unfolding as they will, as sometimes the fates have other outcomes in mind for us, but my timing answer will be correct.

Event Timing Forecast Service

Need to know a date or time for wagering, wedding date, important meeting, social event, or love life event? I can help your effort coincide with good fortune. Tell me in the message box at checkout what you need to know a time for best chances of success with your endeavors. Terms of service apply.