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How can you put a price on priceless spiritual growth?

Please consider giving on an ongoing basis weekly or monthly.

Even one dollar – $1- yes, even just ‘a buck’, helps (if only for my morale and encouragement) and is deeply appreciated.

Donations are optional but very much needed and. Yes, you can still get all the free content if you choose not to be supportive.  That having been said, you will learn from the lessons  shared that you get back what you put out…just saying…; )

Donor Benefits:

  • Donors receive inclusion in Dr. Carr’s heartfelt prayers by name
  • Good karma (dharma)
  • Knowing that your gift is what makes it possible to keep this work going

Your donation also helps keep this important work being created and shared for free each and every week on YouTube to the general public.   In the name of practicality, the more complete metaphysics lessons are offered for a reasonable fee because that is fair to Dr. Carr but these free videos take a lot of time and energy to create and produce.  It is a labor of love, but a labor nonetheless!

Fortunately,  Dr. Carr is a person who can wear many hats and is a very hard worker, yet she needs the ‘blessing’ of others to help the many who cannot afford, but truly need, her private services.

A thousand thanks in advance for your anticipated help and cooperation : )

  ALL Major Credit /Debit Cards Accepted. PayPal, too. Thanks and may you be blessed one thousand times for your kindness.

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