Personal or Business Consultation

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Includes one phone session and one audio recording session : )

For Individual, Business, or Relationship Consultations

Love, career, spirituality, life transitions, money, family, choices, or something else…?

 Want to sort through difficulties, get clarification for murky situations, find out what is coming down the pike for you, or have questions on your mind that need answers?  Then order a personal or relationship consultation.

Minerva can help you find  answers and solutions.

Are you a business owner or executive?  

Consulting Minerva can provide a broad spectrum of insights to help you overcome obstacles to achieve your business and professional goals.  All sessions are private and discreet.  Minerva does not boast about her clientele.

Get insights that help you:

  • Hire the right employee for the job…
  • Find out whether the opportunity will pan out as you hope – or not…
  • Find out what will happen if you expand your business now or later…
  • Get help brainstorming your way through or around challenges…
  • Get clued into what your competitor or partner is up to…

Whether for your career, executive responsibilities, or entrepreneurial projects Minerva can help you climb the ladder or boost your business.

Are you considering a new marketing plan, real estate acquisition or financial investment?  Are you weighing the pros and cons of expanding your business?

Minerva encourages everyone to trust their own instincts and intuition rather than become dependent upon her.  But, sometimes, you need that discreet second opinion, right?  Let Minerva help you make the right decision(s).  Many of her clients don’t make major  decisions without consulting  her first.



  1. Pay for your consultation below, and include your telephone number and Skype number (in case of telephone glitches) where you will be contacted for your consultation.
  2.  Provide a few options for your date and time availability for a phone consultation appointment. You will be sent an email confirmation of one of the times you requested.  If you are in a RUSH because time is of the essence, please let Minerva know in your email (put RUSH in subject line) and you will be sent a custom invoice for additional rush accommodation.  RUSH status moves your appointment up to within 24 hours of payment for your Rush consultation and 24 hours post consultation for your results to be delivered. The additional fee you will be invoiced is $180 and must be paid prior to your request for RUSH service.  RUSH accommodation is not promised, but if possible will be accommodated.
  3.  At the scheduled time, Minerva will be call you so be sure you give her the telephone number and Skype number at which  you wish to be called at the time of the appointment.

Office hours for phone consultations are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


     No, it will not be possible for other days or times to be accommodated.

Details and Payment Information

3 steps to HOW THIS WORKS:

  1. After you have paid for your session below, the process begins with Minerva calling you at a set time for a session conducted over the phone (allow at least 15 -30 minutes for the actual phone consult.  In the event of telephone technical glitches, Skype will be used. This consult time is for client energy connection and assessment, and so Minerva can connect with you as a person : )
  2. Next, Minerva will produce a custom audio recording of her findings (recommendations, advice, next steps, remarks, answers, forecasts, etc.) which stem from your phone consult and her post consult work.  
  3. Last she will upload your audio recording (averaging about an hour) and an email will be sent to you for access to it.  You may access or download and review at your convenience.

 Don’t forget!

First pay and include the telephone # you will be reached at at the time of your appointment and a couple of best days and times to call in the message box at time of payment.  If you forget to put the phone call number or available dates and times at time of payment, just send it in an email to 


 Private Consultation with Minerva $340

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