Connecting the Minors to the Majors via Numerology: Mini Class

Of the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana, 40 are numbered cards and 16 are court cards, similar to a regular playing card deck.  For the purpose of this article, we will limit ourselves to the cards numbered 1-10.

Aces = 1s

Think of them as little Magicians.  Aces / 1s suggest beginnings, roots being established, seeds, elemental forces working their magic, sparks

2s = Under the mentorship of the High Priestess, 2s are mirror images, opposites, competing emotions, twins, choices

3s = Like the Empress, the 3s represent fecundity (the ability to produce offspring or new growth; fertility.

4s = are little squares, like the Emperor: stable, still, solid, fully rooted, established, unmoving, and sometimes boring.

5s = 5s are the Hierophant’s teaching assistants.  They create uncomfortable dilemmas to force growth.

6s = 6s Present us with choices, insight, and recognition, as does the Lovers card.

7s = 7s are the loss of energy, love, money, face, arguments, and control.  They require courage to manage opposite forces, just as the Chariot does.

8s= Signal a need to find and use inner strength, will power and endurance to do serious life work or makeovers.

9s = Like the hermit, 9s mean review of life so far, and usually find what they are looking for.

10s = 10s show the full blown dynamic related to each suit.  Completion. Endings and new beginnings.

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