Mindfulness vs Meditation vs Imagery

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises as you pay attention on purpose with a friendly and accepting attitude to whatever is present.  Being mindful means being present consciously. Being mindful is at the heart of your self care time. Mindfulness of your breath is how you establish presence.  Be open to being mindful in more places and in different ways in your daily life.

Meditation is an activity of directing your attention, so you will become more aware and more understanding and wise.  Meditation is about much more than simple relaxation. Some meditation methods emphasize narrowing your attention to a simple object or a quality.  Other meditation practices focus upon developing clearer and deeper awareness of what is happening. Both approaches are useful. They both promote calm attention and awareness for feeling more ease and peace, for greater understanding, and for the development of desirable qualities, such as kindness, compassion or joy.

Imagery is the thought process that involves and uses the senses: sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting and the sense of movement and position.  You use your imagination to facilitate communication between perception, emotion, and bodily change. It is one of the world’s oldest healing modalities.

Acting wholeheartedly is central to all these activities.  



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What is Metaphysics?


Oh, the benefits of living a purpose-driven life are priceless.

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The Gratitude Lists

Reflect upon your present blessings upon which every man has plenty; rather than on your past misfortunes of which every man has some.  Charles Dickens

To become more aware of your many blessings it helps to make gratitude lists.  Start each day with a grateful heart and watch your blessings multiply.

Gratitude Challenge

pooh gratitude

Make a list of ten things you are thankful for in your life.  Write the list out.  Repeat creating the list of 10 things 3 times per day for 30 days. Each list must be 10 new things for which you are grateful -with no repeats- each of the 3 times per day, every day.  I dare you to try and count all your blessings!  If you miss even one session you must start over again.



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AFFIRMATIONS and Affirmation Challenges


{This page is updated with more affirmations from time to time, so check back for more later}

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Affirmation Challenges:


To Boost Confidence

Repeat this affirmation 9xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

“I AM divine perfection made manifest in all that I think, say and do.”



To Realize Stronger Evidence of your Divinity and to Feel Grounded

Repeat this affirmation 9xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

“I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM.”



To Keep or Obtain Appropriate Perspective on Your Life

Repeat this affirmation 9xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

“I AM a divine being having a human experience.”



To Unblock Internal Energy

Repeat this affirmation 9xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

“I AM open to life’s powerful energy; I allow this energy to flow freely through me. I AM dynamic changing energy; I play freely with my thoughts, feelings and sensations.”


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Simple Meditation for 3 Intentions

This short and easy meditation combines three intentions to develop a strong and supple body, a clear mind, and a spirit filled equally with power, love, and wisdom.

Sit comfortably.  Close your eyes.

Inhale and repeat silently: ‘My body is strong and supple’.

Exhale and repeat silently: ‘My mind is clear’.

Inhale and repeat silently: ‘My spirit is filled with power, love, and wisdom’.

Exhale and repeat silently: ‘ All in equal measure’.

Breathe and feel your intention fill your entire being.

Stop doing this whenever you feel you have had enough.



        • Slows the mind
        • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
        • Calms the entire being
        • Promotes peace and serenity
        • Brings you back to the present

Here’s a short meditation for health on YouTube compliments of Metaphysics Today channel


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