Targeted Stress Reduction Methods

Are you curious and willing to explore some different approaches to your inner and outer life and to the mystery of being human?



Have you convinced yourself that you could not possibly add one more thing to your plate of ‘important’ things to do?

Do you often feel too tired or do not have the energy or strength to take on anything else, even something you want to do and know could help you?

If you just don’t know what to do in order to feel happier or more satisfied there is a simple principle you must understand is at work in your life.  It is important to spend time each day being fully present and to set clear intentions for yourself to you can throw yourself wholeheartedly into life. This work offers you practices or strategies to initiate change – change in yourself, change in your relationships by interacting differently with others, and change in how you perceive your purpose in life.

Paying attention to your breath in a way that does not add, subtract, or try to change anything about the present moment has been practiced by human beings for thousands of years as a way to enter and remain in the present moment.  In this work you will learn to establish presence – receptive and allowing awareness- by practicing mindful and kind attention to the simple sensations of your breath.  Being present this way is the doorway to the timeless now. Mindful attention to the breath is not the only way to be more present, but it is a good way, and you always have your breath with you!  

Now with presence established, you can set your intention for the activity or practice you have chosen. Intention is potent.  Practically nothing we do in human happens without some preexisting intention. Think about it – No movement, no action happens without some thought or idea or intent before hand.  Even if these movements occur from some unconscious or semiconscious pace, the decision to act or react occurs first. So, set your intention for your meditation or stress reduction practice.  This can be very simple, just think or say, “ May this meditation or exercise produce relaxation or peace within me” or something similar. Only you know what you need at any given time.  

The only thing you have left to do is to actually do the exercise or activity!  So, it’s simple : 1) Be present, 2) set your intention, and 3) do your practice wholeheartedly.  It’s important that you remember to do these three steps. I say this because I do not always include these three steps in with each suggestion.  Some will, some will not. Follow the instructions, but always remember to include the three steps of 1)presence, 2)intention, 3)action. The order is important.   So, it is a good idea for you to breathe mindfully for a few breaths and to set an intention before you do any of the exercises. Frankly, this advice applies to any area of your life where you need to take action.  Breathe, set your intention for the outcome you desire, and just do it!

In this work I share many, many exercises or activities that you may pick and choose from amongst.  You do not have to try them all, though it might be very interesting for you to do so! Feel free to work with the ones that speak to you and leave the rest.  That having been said, you will likely benefit from experimenting with things that do not initially appeal to you. Allow happy surprises into your life by allowing yourself to experience new things, so long as your gut does not warn you away from doing so.

This is an ongoing series quick meditative practices for relaxation within oneself, within relationships, enhancing awareness, and improving one’s outlook.  Check back for new postings in this series every week or so check out these quick meditative practices now…

Quick Inner Relaxation Meditative Practices

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Journeying vs Meditation


meta w Minerva

Much of my work are suggestions of ways to work with and transform energy.  Many of them are presented in the form of journeys. A journey is a deeply relaxed state, and altered state of consciousness.  It differs from meditation in that, rather than focusing on something such as your breath, light, or a mantra, you let go and travel to and experience an alternate reality.  This alternate reality in my work is likely to be the ‘Underworld’ (unconscious/Hidden Realms/etc.), ‘Otherworld’ (alternate universe/different dimension/etc.), ‘Aboveworld’ (superconscious/Higher Mind/etc.), or another creative reality.

There are many ways to journey.  You can journey kinetically (through your body) or you can journey visually, seeing everything pictorially.  You can journey with sound, with your senses, or with your feelings. And you can journey in a way that is known only to you.  Whatever you choose, trust that it is the best way for you. 

Give yourself the right to journey.  Your subconscious mind might resist your journeying efforts in the beginning, as we are not conditioned to allow ourselves to freely disassociate from our 3D environment unless when sleeping.  This is easy to overcome, though. Just acknowledge any challenging thoughts that might try to discourage you from going on our journey, thank them for looking out for you, and get right back on your journey.  

Give yourself over to your way of journeying, knowing you will get what you need.

The focus of this work is nourishment and finding what is right for you.  Let go of any need to ‘do it right’ and just listen to what you need to do for yourself.  Your higher mind will support you on your own nourishing path. Why? Because it is so glad you are on one!

This article is related to guided meditations, rituals, and healing affirmations which can also be found here at Metaphysics Lessons.

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You might also be interested in: The Aquariana Gateway Lessons – A treasure trove of self improvement, development and transformation lessons.  AGLs are only available here or on the Metaphysics Today YouTube channel.


How to Set Your Intention and Act Wholeheartedly

Setting Intention

Setting an intention is a way of pointing yourself in one direction, toward an important value or goal. It is a way of identifying a quality you wish to nurture in your life.  Setting an intention can be done skillfully or unskillfully.

First, lets go over how to unskillfully set an intention.  It is not skillful or effective to be rigid or attached to an ideal about your intention.  For example, is your intention is to foster ease and self-acceptance, don’t expect to become 100% relaxed or self-accepting after just a few minutes.  Be careful that you don’t make your intention, no matter how wonderful or positive, something else on your to-do list or something you must achieve at all costs.  Recognize the trap of judging yourself harshly or doubting your intention if things don’t change right away. Don’t fall into the trap of judgment and doubt.

On the other hand, a skillful intention is more like a friendly guide. Acknowledge from the beginning that important changes take time. You, like everyone else, must make the effort to return repeatedly to the goal you seek.

Your intention, to become more self-accepting, for example, is better thought of as a direction you have selected for yourself.  The practice you choose is a way to enter on a path moving in that direction. Many conditions and factors are at work as you move along your path.  What is important is that you keep moving in the right direction. Being friendly with yourself as you travel the path is vital. Being patient with yourself as you move toward your goal is critical.

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You can think of your intention as  clear and strong statement of an important value quality, or goal you have selected for yourself.  Through the single act of making the statement, you have opened the door for a profound shift in your life.


Acting Wholeheartedly

To act wholeheartedly means to do something with all of your attention and energy.  Establishing presence and acting from clear intention will support you in embracing what you do wholeheartedly.  In just a few minutes of establishing presence and stating an intention, you are invited to embrace the practice you have selected wholeheartedly.  That practice could be studying the AGLs (Aquariana Gateway Lessons), any type of meditation or yoga, affirmations or chants or mantras, prayer, or something else.

You might have to experiment a bit with being wholehearted.  Much of what we do in life is done without full attention, or without real commitment to the activity or process, for a variety of reasons.  So, as you begin your practice give yourself some room to grow. At first, you might not feel wholehearted about whatever you have chosen to do.  You might not even like it much, if at all. That is alright and to be expected. Just continue to do it.

To get the most out of your practice, start with activities that resonate with you, or that seem especially interesting, or are perfect for something happening in your life right now.  As you work with the various practices over time, notice yow different ones fit in the different corners and phases of your life.

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When you have selected practices that seem to fit, nurture a willingness to experiment with them, without expecting too much at first.  Even if you feel awkward, silly, or embarrassed, just acknowledge how you feel and then keep on with the practice.

You might find it easier to be wholehearted if you let go of trying to change anything or make anything happen as you do your practice.  This is a paradox that is true of many of the practices you will learn via this work. In the realm of transformation and growth, the more you reach for something, the farther away it can seem.

So let go of any attachment to outcome and just dive right in!  Instead of vigilantly monitoring what is happening, looking for changes, or judging yourself, just let go and do it.  That way, you are truly acting wholeheartedly and, paradoxically, are maximizing your chances for change and growth.

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How to Breathe Mindfully

Mindful breathing is one of the most ancient and profound meditation practices available to human beings.  Mindful breathing can be done by anyone, regardless of faith. Whoever you are, paying attention on purpose and non-judgmentally to the sensations of your breath is an effective way to dwell in the present moment and to avoid being lost in the wandering of your own mind.

To breathe mindfully means to become an observer of your own breath sensations as they move in and out of your body.  As you become a more sensitive observer, you will begin to notice different qualities in each breath, in or out, and the space between breaths as well.

The following instructions are one way to practice mindful breathing. Whatever the exact wording might be, mindful breathing is essentially about your willingness to reside in the present moment with your kind and nonjudgmental attention focused on the sensations of your breath.  From just that primary focus, your relationship to all other experience shifts.

You can do mindful breathing in any position you find comfortable, at any time of day, and anywhere.  You can even practice mindful breathing while moving around, walking, jogging, etc. Think of this exercise as an active meditation, if you like.

Here’s how to practice mindful breathing:

  • Relax your shoulders, face and neck.  Relax your hands and feet. Let the meditation support you.
  • Find a comfortable position, one that supports you in being awake.
  • Turn your attention to the actual physical sensations happening as you breath. Close your eyes if that helps you focus.
  • Find a place in your body where you can actually feel the breath moving in and out.  Your abdomen, nose or mouth (but it is best to breathe through your nose, not your mouth).  Rest your attention there, where you feel your breath most easily.
  • It is not necessary to control your breath in anyway.  Simply allow your body to breathe as it does. Pay attention as best you can to the direct sensations of the moving breath.
  • Direct kind attention to your breath sensations.  It is not necessary to make anything happen nor to become anything other than who you are in this moment.
  • As you spend kind attention on your breath sensations, set down all your burdens-inner and outer ones- for the time of meditation.
  • When you notice that your attention has wandered off the breath sensations, notice where it went, and gently but firmly bring it back.  You have not done anything wrong if this happens. The mind will move off the breath countless times. Each time practice kindness and patience with yourself, notice where your mind went, and bring attention back to your breath.
  • Rest attention on the changing patterns of sensations and breath.  Move your attention closer, noticing the quality of each new breath as accurately and as continuously as possible.  Stay present to the entire breath cycle: in, out, pause, in, and out, and so on. Notice how each breath has its own character.
  • End your meditation by shifting your focus off of the breath sensations, opening your eyes, and moving gently.

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Mindfulness vs Meditation vs Imagery

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises as you pay attention on purpose with a friendly and accepting attitude to whatever is present.  Being mindful means being present consciously. Being mindful is at the heart of your self care time. Mindfulness of your breath is how you establish presence.  Be open to being mindful in more places and in different ways in your daily life.

Meditation is an activity of directing your attention, so you will become more aware and more understanding and wise.  Meditation is about much more than simple relaxation. Some meditation methods emphasize narrowing your attention to a simple object or a quality.  Other meditation practices focus upon developing clearer and deeper awareness of what is happening. Both approaches are useful. They both promote calm attention and awareness for feeling more ease and peace, for greater understanding, and for the development of desirable qualities, such as kindness, compassion or joy.

Imagery is the thought process that involves and uses the senses: sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting and the sense of movement and position.  You use your imagination to facilitate communication between perception, emotion, and bodily change. It is one of the world’s oldest healing modalities.

Acting wholeheartedly is central to all these activities.  



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What is Metaphysics?


Oh, the benefits of living a purpose-driven life are priceless.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear purpose in life?

Do you ever wonder what the heck you are supposed to be doing here?  Of course your do!  But what if you don’t know what your life purpose is?

  • What if you are a lousy goal setter, easily distracted, easily thrown off course, and very often full of self-doubt?
  • Maybe you have just graduated from college, and aren’t sure which direction to head.
  • Perhaps you’ve just been fired from a job or retired and don’t know what you should do now.
  • Maybe you have a number of interests and don’t know exactly which to focus on.
  • Want to know where your life is headed?
  • Need to understand your past?
  • Could you use a full life map?

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Prayer Challenges

Prayer is just focused thought (with or without spoken words).  It is usually an earnest hope, wish or expression of gratitude.  By repeatedly focusing on a thought you connect with Divine Intelligence to help bring it into being.

Improve your self esteem, attitude and life in seconds each day.

These challenges are fun and transformative!  Find easy affirmations, activities, & short prayers to help reprogram your subconscious mind, loosen up stagnant energy, and lift your spirits.


  • It helps to relax with a few slow, deep breaths before you begin – and to keep breathing while you proceed through.
  • If you like, call on your deity(ies) at the beginning and thank it/them at the end.
  • Recite your prayer in at least 3 different sessions per day, but 5 is even better.
  • Do whatever is comfortable and works for you.  Just keep doing it!

Let me know how you are doing with the challenge(s) and how you and your life transform.  When I can, I might share your experience (discreetly) in a YouTube video or blog post post!

Make it even more fun and invite your friends to do it, too!

Check back at once each month to see what new challenges have been added.

You will be glad you did these challenges as directly or indirectly you begin to see changes in your life in response to your repeated desire – sometimes in only a few days, but almost certainly by the end of the 30 day period.  If you can start on a new moon all the better, if not, no worries, your efforts will not be wasted.

Wishing you all the best!


P.S.  Please make a donation if you find this work to be helpful to you.  Doing so makes me feel great and encourages me to continue to produce it ;  )

To get started just click on the ‘Prayers & Meditations’ menu on the Categories side bar menu.


Select whichever prayer you need at this time.  Take a few slow deep breaths, inhale fully, slowly to a slow count of four, hold it for a slow count of four, release it to a slow count of four. Repeat 3 times, let you shoulders fall, let your face, neck and body relax. Then, with sincerity and belief, repeat the prayer 5 times per session. Do this 3-5 times per day, or more if you can. If you miss even one session you must start over again.  Mercy tip: If 30 days looms to onerous to you, then just do 7 days at a time ; )




Thank you, Great Spirit, for allowing me to shift my focus from future longing to present gratitude.  I recognize that by doing to I create a significant difference in my energy field. This new energy radiates and moves out from and around me and attracts more of what you have in store for me to me, according to your divine plan for my life. I know that I can keep my eye on future goals without losing sight of my present gifts.  I let go of lack. I look at the present gifts in my life with joy and satisfaction. I am glad.

Repeat this prayer 5xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.




Thank you, Great Spirit, for the wonderful new opportunities coming into my life.  I feel a momentous opportunity is being created for me.I am aware that divine energy is actively supporting, guiding and protecting me such that new opportunities will resonate to me as I trust in your process of unfolding.  I deserve heaven’s help no matter my past mistakes. As I forgive myself, I allow the energy of the universe to nourish me with new opportunities to do better. I realize that procrastination is an enemy, but an enemy I can easily defeat. I notice and embrace the new opportunities that are revealing themselves to me.  I know it is safe for me to trust them and allow them to enter into my life. I trust in the process.

Repeat this prayer 5xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

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MANIFESTATION Exercises and Challenges

Manifestation Exercises and Challenges

For Any Desires Fulfillment do these Easy Exercises

For Manifestation

These simple and easy exercises will help you manifest anything you want.

This page is updated from time to time so check back again for more manifestation exercises.

Let us know in a Testimonial how these manifestation exercises worked out for you!

Watch this Metaphysics Today YouTube video on How to Become a Happier Person

Manifestation Challenge #1

Make a list of 3 things you deeply desire to attract into your life. (People, things, situations, etc.)

Repeat this affirmation and write out your list each time, 9xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

“I AM attracting (_______), (________), and (________) into my life. Now I have (_____), (_____), and (_____) in my life.


Manifestation Challenge #2

Make a list of three things you already have, but desire to strengthen a bond to in your life. (People, things, situations, etc.)

Repeat this affirmation and write out your list, 9xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

“I AM strengthening a bond with (_______), (________), and (________) in my life.  Now I have these stronger bonds.”

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