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The Life Mate Questions: 600+ Questions to Ask Before and During Marriage for Happily Ever After

This list is vast enough for even seasoned marriage counselors to add to their own stash of questions.  If you are a premarital or marriage counselor or coach, feel free to incorporate these questions into your counseling sessions.  It makes an excellent gift for a couple you wish well.  This edition also includes a Bonus Section entitled: 40+ Character Traits of a Good Life Partner.

The questions are unelaborated and unexplained.  You bring your own authenticity, uniqueness, and perspective to the interpretation of each.  There are no answers or prompts, no suggestions.  This format allows for everyone to answer from their own heart, mind and soul for the purest most reliable truth as they see it.

If you are seriously dating or engaged and you don’t have the time, money or access to professional premarital counselling, you will find this book is practical, non-religious, easy to read, and very relatable.  It might just save your marriage before it even gets started!

  • The Life Mate Questions, First Edition, is available for Kindle readers only.
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Kindle version  First edition

Print version   2nd Edition (includes a section on the pros and cons of Premarital Counselling, plus a section on Prenuptial Agreement tips and tricks)




How to become a Senior Care Auditor

By Cathleen Carr

Communities across the country need Senior Care Auditors for the growing population who want to stay at home well into their 80s, 90s and 100s.  Senior Care Auditing is a new service expected to grow substantially over the next 30 years as the population of seniors sharply increases.

Former family or professional caregivers make great Senior Care Auditors.  Senior Care Auditing is an ‘aging in place’ service you can use or provide for your own family or for your local community.

What is a Senior Care Auditor? Senior Care Auditors (SCAs) provide scheduled visits with seniors in their private home or facility. They complete an audit of the residence and senior by evaluating the premises for safety and the person(s) condition (not health condition, but mood and appearance). While onsite, the Senior Care Auditor completes the checklist and transmits it to the client.

***This book is a revised edition of the original Senior Care Auditor certification program, written for both the informal person who looks after a loved one and the professional who looks after many lovely people.  Read more…



Elder Care Step by Step: How to Give Care with Confidence

By Cathleen Carr

***This edition includes a bonus full text, Death, Dying and the Funeral Planning Process.

Based on the principle that ’prior planning prevents poor performance’, the Eldercare Step by Step with Confidence guides caregivers from start to ‘after the finish line’ of their noble task of caregiving. By addressing the gamut of problems that occur in the ever-changing landscape of providing care over time, this book might prove to be all you need as the process of aging and decline unfolds.

What differentiates the books from other caregiving books? Here are 10 reasons the Eldercare Step by Step with Confidence book is worth a read and adding to your caregiving arsenal:
1)  Each is written by a primary caregiver with over 40 years of experience providing elder care
2)  The author has credentials in regenerative therapies and is an experienced elder law Attorney
3)  The book covers the spectrum of eldercare situations likely to be encountered starting day 1 through after end of life of your loved one or client
4)  Included is step by step advice, guidance, recommendation, and encouragement across the broad spectrum of the at home care experience
5)  Experience pleasant yet to the point writing that comes in easily digestible section lengths
6)  Find natural and alternative options for common senior and caregiver wellness issues
7)  This book is suitable for the care needs of any frail, ill or Special Needs adult
8)  This book adheres to American Medical Association guidelines for At Home elder care
9)  This book was basis of groundbreaking international Personal Care Aide Certification programs
10)This book pairs nicely with its companion book by the same author, How to Be a Senior Care Auditor

Be guided ‘step by step’ for readiness, preparation, and appropriate control as Primary Caregiver ~ to kick off your caregiving with wisdom and confidence.   Read more…



Free Style Tarot: Unconventional Interpretations of the Cards  

By Cathleen Carr

Enrich your tarot readings by taking a fresh look at any card from any deck. This book uses the Rider -Waite style deck for its inspiration but the principals can be applied to any deck in your collection. Each card is covered from the Major and Minor Arcana from both upright and reversed perspective using the key word and key phrase style for easy reference. Tarot card key concepts have never been more exciting!

Unleash the Tarot Detective in you and produce accurate readings by breaking the rules of conventional card interpretation. Unlock the superpower of the Tarot and take your readings to a higher level.

This book pairs nicely with the authors first book, Telling Time with Tarot Cards: Tarot Timing Techniques. Now there is no excuse for not rocking your tarot card readings!

Read More…


Telling Time with Tarot Cards: Tarot Timing Techniques

By Cathleen Carr

The purpose of this work is to teach you how to determine the timing of events, to the minute if needed; when it might not be appropriate to do so; and to do so confidently by using any deck of tarot or ordinary playing cards. You will find basic and advanced lessons, exercises, procedures, and fundamental esoteric philosophy to help guide, support and bolster your prediction confidence, even without using a spread! For fun there are two ‘challenge’ spreads included for practice and sharing online.

Can the future be predicted? Do you understand your own personal time? Find the answers to these questions and much more in Telling Time with Tarot Cards: Tarot Timing Techniques. Whether launching a new product, buying stocks, making a career change or setting a wedding date, everyone benefits from getting a look into the future!

This go to reference for forecasting and timing techniques using the tarot – whether for business, politics, wagering, or daily life – is destined to become a must have occult classic and valuable addition to any library.  Read more



Sound! A Tool for Spiritual Advancement and Physical Healing

By Cathleen Carr


In Support of Therapeutic Vibrational Therapies Utilizing Crystals and Gemstones Being Integrated into Allopathic Medical Practice for Purposes of Healing  

By Cathleen Carr

(Doctoral Dissertation)(OOP)




The Jewish Law of Divorce and Marital Property Settlement

By Cathleen Carr



A History Discussion and Statistical Review of the Effects of Pleading Insanity in Criminal Trials

By Cathleen Carr