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Improve your inner self and your life will naturally improve all around you.

Dr. Cathleen Vaune Carr

Are you ready to start your very personal journey through the Aquariana Gateway?  I have much to say about this subject, so it is worth your time to read this page entirely, if you are a serious student on the path to higher consciousness, mental, spiritual, financial, social, domestic, etc.  improvement.

The Aquariana Gateway Lessons are suitable and helpful to teenagers and adults, any race, religion, orientation. If you are a parent or thinking of becoming one, then these lessons will help you excel and help your children excel.

ALL Major Credit /Debit Cards Accepted. PayPal, too. Thanks!

The information shared via the Aquariana Gateway lessons is life changing, self empowering, and transformative.

As soon as a person reaches puberty they are ready to begin the process of conscious self development.  This self development leads to self improvement which leads to self transformation…all of which helps get and keep us on the right path to a fulfilling life we can be comfortable and happy in – and proud of throughout our lives.

The AGLs are not religiously based.  No ‘belief’ is necessary.  This work deals with reality and life as it is.  An awareness of a ‘Higher Power’ is all your need to put this information to work.

The transformation promised by the Aquariana Gateway Lessons is subtle yet profound.

The Aquariana Gateway Lessons (AGLs) open the sequential portals to ascension, higher consciousness and self mastery.  Self mastery leads to life mastery.  Who does not desire that outcome?

IMPORTANT (It is recommended that you watch the intro material prior to beginning the AGLs.)  This is because these lessons are subtle but powerful, each one, and are best understood and applied in order.  There are over 250 of them, and your long term dedication is important for optimal results.  The three links below will take you to YouTube where you can watch these 3 brief videos:  {I am not a experienced video producer, so please just focus on the messages – not the video production ; ) }

Are you ready?  Not sure? That is alright.  Your caution is wise. This is powerful material.  No need to be afraid, nothing will hurt you, you will simply not see yourself or life the same way again.  But that is probably a good thing, right?  You bet it is.

Consider, and then answer, the questions below…

  • Do you have questions about life but cannot find the answers?
  • Do you seek a deeper awareness of ‘life’ as you know it now?
  • Does the cold, harsh world leave you needing understanding and comfort?
  • Are the hurts and pains of life almost more than you can tolerate?
  • Does failure seem to follow you?
  • Does your spiritual life leave you feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled?
  • Do you ask, ‘who am I ?’

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have found a place where you can learn how to turn the answer to each of those questions into a resounding no!

Through these lessons I offer you the Way of Life that will bring you happiness and success in every expression of your life.  I promise that the Aquariana Gateway lessons will give you the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems.

I so strongly believe in the truth of this promise that the entire course of these lessons is free.

Now, you are probably thinking, how can these lessons answer those questions or solve those problems?

Well, I, too, thought this would be unrealistic until I allowed myself to practice just the basic beginning Aquariana Gateway lessons.  The results were so profound that I was intimidated to go forward with the more advanced lessons for many years.

Yes, I have walked this Aquariana Gateway path and I know many others who have also.  I can vouch for the simple truths contained in these lessons.  I so believe in their power that I know better than to charge money for them – spirit does not like money exchanged for spiritual revelations, and I have learned not to dismiss the rules of spiritual life…

So, I make these videos myself with money I have earned otherwise.  That being said, your kind donations help a lot.

To be clear, YOU have to do the work.  YOU have to listen to and practice the Aquariana Gateway lessons everyday and live according to the principles you learn.  YOU are the only person who can change YOUR life for the better with any lasting results.

YOU are the Captain of your life.  Why not use the The Aquariana Gateway Lessons (AGLs) to provide wisdom, easy enlightenment, self empowerment and true life change?

There are no shortcuts.  The only way out is in.  Into yourself.

Are you ready to get started?  Are you ready to follow the instructions?  Are you willing to do what is required to rise above the ‘self ‘ and ascend into the higher expression of your divine nature?  Are you ready to do the work?

If you are not ready, then go your own way until you are ready.

But, if you are ready then begin with the first lesson, focus on it for a full week, review the lesson repeatedly, practice the exercises and deeply absorb the concepts, then go on to the next lesson, and so on… and welcome to the Aquariana Gateway portal…

The AGLs are produced and presented free to the general public, but your donation is important to not only keep me able to produce them, but for your karmic development and reward later.

Find the Aquariana Gateway Lessons at the Metaphysics Today YouTube channel

ALL Major Credit /Debit Cards Accepted. PayPal, too. Thanks!

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