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Let’s make metaphysics education and practices part of family and community culture everywhere.  We hope you are willing and able to promote, share, and recommend these lessons around the world to all who might benefit from self development, self transformation, and spiritual evolution.

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Metaphysics Today

On this website you will find posts or snippets linked to full audio lessons and which will help you learn the ancient and timeless, non-denominational bedrock spiritual laws of life for both self and life transformation.  These spiritual truths are found throughout all the great religions, though you will typically have to dig very deep to find them.

When you improve yourself, you improve your life.  When you improve your life, you improve the world!

Don’t you desire to improve the world?

I am Minerva, your host, guide, and mystical metaphysician, who will lead you step by step through the many gates leading to higher consciousness, self transformation, self empowerment, and ascension into the fifth dimension.  I strive to make metaphysical philosophy easy to grasp and put into practice with a video lecture format enabling you to sit back and focus on improving your mind, heart, and soul.  Self help and self improvement has never been so easy and accessible.

This site is directly related to my YouTube channel, Metaphysics Today, where you will find videos on various topics related to modern spiritual metaphysical philosophy, lessons in metaphysical practice and self transformation lectures.

You will find this content to be informative and accessible to beginners and interesting and useful to initiates as well. This programming, these spiritual awareness and self development metaphysical courses and the Divination Studio programs are offered to those who are serious or casual students of the subjects covered.

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These lessons and the related information is non-sectarian and universally applicable to every human being and concern the mind and spirit.  There are no myths you have to believe, and no place you have to go to as a condition of access.  You just have to watch and videos and practice what I teach you through them.

This information is applicable to anyone who is open to it!

We hope you will share our content in private homes and in public venues.  

Through the lessons you will learn the additional secrets that popular modern works have not revealed, which are key to properly activating the laws of manifestation. This missing information is the root of why your attempts at manifestation probably have not worked. It’s not you, it is the missing information!  This information was deemed by mainstream publishers and editors to be too fringe, edgy and outside the norm for mainstream culture, so it was deliberately withheld from you.  The thing is, that dynamic information is the missing ingredients which the laws of manifestation require for activation.  It will not work without them.

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 When you improve yourself, you improve your life.  When you improve your life, you improve the world!

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