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 I declare that these lessons I teach, The Aquariana Gateway™ , are not connected with any particular religion or religious group.  I am not a allopathic physician (medical doctor).  I will not give legal or medical advice.  Consult your own physician, accountant or lawyer for your particular related professional problems and needs.) “Minerva” is a name adapted for reasons of personal privacy.

Greetings Divine Nation!

Minerva is your minister of mystical medicine and Aquariana Gateway™ Guide…


As a fifth generation practicing metaphysician, she seeks to inspire confidence and self empowerment (grounded in practical reality) to seekers on the path.  Minerva acts as a Societal Change Facilitator, Life Coach, and Counselor. Amongst other things, she has background in holistic health and regenerative natural therapies.  Her broader work tends to focus on physical and spiritual regeneration and the psychology of the conscious and superconscious. Minerva weaves evidence based science in with mystical based truths in many of the general metaphysics lessons and some of the Aquariana Gateway lessons.


She will help you:

  • Recognize and change negative, resistant behavior and thought patterns
  • Create and enhance wonderful relationships with others and yourself
  • Become a money magnet
  • Unleash the entrepreneur inside you
  • Achieve radiant health and energy
  • Find your way off  ‘the Matrix’ and into the new society

Her mother introduced her to esoteric studies when she was 10 years old by introducing her to yoga, astrology and herbalism. Her mother had learned much from her own mother, grand-mother, and great-grand-father.  Unusually fortunate, Minerva grew up immersed in Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Eastern and ancient occult traditions.  This exposure throughout her life helps her to focus on the common themes and threads which permeate all the great spiritual philosophies of the world.

Minerva shares her knowledge two ways:

1) In public lectures, demonstrations and readings for the purpose of divinatory methods preservation and public education.


2) As a consultant to private clients who seek clarity, answers and /or forecasts.

She has written some of these lessons herself,  inherited others from her mother who had written some herself and, who in turn, inherited other of these lessons from her great-grand mother – – who was herself an Ordained Minister, (as was Minervas’ Great-great grand father)- –  and a powerful occultist.  Minerva has edited and organized all this information for a general 21st century video viewing audience.

“I love to teach as much as I love to learn!”

Education and Experience

On the traditional side: ‘Minerva’ holds a BA (magna cum laude) in Communications and Business, a Masters Degree in Sound Therapy, two Doctorate degrees (one in Law (JD) and the other in Vibrational Medicine (MscD/PhD), two state licenses, and several certifications.  She is the author of hundreds of papers and articles, and 6 ebooks related to geriatric care management. She was the nationally syndicated Holistic Health columnist for Examiner.com, and is an experienced business  and non-profit corporate executive in the Alternative Wellness and Long Term Care industries.

On the esoteric side:  ‘Minerva’ is a professional Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot consultant.  She brings a wealth of learning, teaching and over 30 years of practical experience to her students. She is a practitioner of many divination methods including (but not limited to) Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah, Bones and Numerology. She is a 3rd Degree Reiki Master and certified Massage, Reflexology and Bodywork Practitioner.  She is also an Ordained Minister in the Universal Metaphysical Ministry system and a Certified Pastoral Counselor.

In her free time she relaxes with her family, various fine art and craft art mediums, occasionally pulls weeds in her garden, and enjoys giving her pets lots of love.

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