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Let Dr. Vaun (pronounced ‘vawn’) help you to find the answers you need!

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As a Relationship Conflict Alchemist, she can help you:

  • Avoid the heartbreak and expense of failed relationships with her Commitment and Marriageability Reports, Relationship Counseling Service, and The Life Mate Questions book and email service.
  • Know how you will be getting along with each person in the upcoming year
  • Know if your sweetheart able to commit to you and your relationship
  • Find out when is the best time to propose and / or  marry
  • See what has to happen prior to being able to marry
  • Commitment and marriage ability of both parties
  • Understand your own relationship challenges
  • Get a full report of your relationship as it is now and how it will be in the future
  • Understand your relationships strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to reinvent your relationship to yourself and others
  • Explore deeply the nature of your own inner workings and that of your relationship

Her background:

She shares her knowledge two ways:

1) In free lectures and published books for general public education.


2) As a consultant to private clients who seek clarity and helpful answers.

A prolific writer, Cathleen Vaune Carr, aka Dr. Vaun, has five books currently available on Amazon and over 250 articles published.  She writes the content used in her YouTube videos.  She has written some of the Aquariana Gateway lessons herself,  inherited others from her mother who had written some herself and, who in turn, inherited other of these lessons from her great-grandmother.

“I love to teach as much as I love to learn!”

Check out her author page on Amazon.com amazon.com/author/cathleenvaunecarr

Education and Experience

On the traditional side: Dr. Vaun is an Ordained Minister, licensed Attorney and Relationship Counselor who holds  a BA (magna cum laude) in Communications and Business; a Masters Degree in Sound Therapy; two Doctorate degrees (one in Law (JD) and the other in Subtle Energy – Vibration Medicine (MscD/PhD) (Metaphysical Science Doctorate); she holds two state licenses, and several certifications. As an Ordained Minister in the Unity / Universal Metaphysical Ministry system she is also a Certified Pastoral Counselor.  She is the author of hundreds of papers and articles and 6 eBooks specifically on geriatric care education, a cause for which she was a pioneer and is devoted.  She was an Instructor of law at Chancellor University.  An has decades of senior executive experience in both the business and non-profit corporate sectors in  Alternative Wellness and Long Term Care.  Dr. Vaune is a stress management expert and meditation teacher and is the former nationally syndicated Holistic Health columnist for Examiner.com.  Her relationship counseling services are cutting edge and blend science with love (plus her own secret formula for seeing the truth in situations).  Satisfied clients abounding, she currently has 5 books available for purchase on Amazon.com, most popular being The Life Mate Questions: 600+ Questions and Topics to Consider Before and During Marriage.

On the esoteric side:  Dr. Vaun, aka ‘Minerva’, is a professional Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot consultant.  She brings a wealth of learning, teaching and decades of practical metaphysical study, research and experience to her students and clients. She is a master practitioner of many divination methods, is also a certified 3rd Degree Reiki Master, and a certified Massage, Reflexology and Bodywork Practitioner.  She has published books on some of these topics which are currently available on Amazon.com and she offers free and paid classes on many of these subjects.

In her free time she relaxes with her family, various fine art and craft art mediums, (occasionally) pulls weeds in her garden, and enjoys giving her pets lots of love.

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