Targeted Stress Reduction Methods

Are you curious and willing to explore some different approaches to your inner and outer life and to the mystery of being human?



Have you convinced yourself that you could not possibly add one more thing to your plate of ‘important’ things to do?

Do you often feel too tired or do not have the energy or strength to take on anything else, even something you want to do and know could help you?

If you just don’t know what to do in order to feel happier or more satisfied there is a simple principle you must understand is at work in your life.  It is important to spend time each day being fully present and to set clear intentions for yourself to you can throw yourself wholeheartedly into life. This work offers you practices or strategies to initiate change – change in yourself, change in your relationships by interacting differently with others, and change in how you perceive your purpose in life.

Paying attention to your breath in a way that does not add, subtract, or try to change anything about the present moment has been practiced by human beings for thousands of years as a way to enter and remain in the present moment.  In this work you will learn to establish presence – receptive and allowing awareness- by practicing mindful and kind attention to the simple sensations of your breath.  Being present this way is the doorway to the timeless now. Mindful attention to the breath is not the only way to be more present, but it is a good way, and you always have your breath with you!  

Now with presence established, you can set your intention for the activity or practice you have chosen. Intention is potent.  Practically nothing we do in human happens without some preexisting intention. Think about it – No movement, no action happens without some thought or idea or intent before hand.  Even if these movements occur from some unconscious or semiconscious pace, the decision to act or react occurs first. So, set your intention for your meditation or stress reduction practice.  This can be very simple, just think or say, “ May this meditation or exercise produce relaxation or peace within me” or something similar. Only you know what you need at any given time.  

The only thing you have left to do is to actually do the exercise or activity!  So, it’s simple : 1) Be present, 2) set your intention, and 3) do your practice wholeheartedly.  It’s important that you remember to do these three steps. I say this because I do not always include these three steps in with each suggestion.  Some will, some will not. Follow the instructions, but always remember to include the three steps of 1)presence, 2)intention, 3)action. The order is important.   So, it is a good idea for you to breathe mindfully for a few breaths and to set an intention before you do any of the exercises. Frankly, this advice applies to any area of your life where you need to take action.  Breathe, set your intention for the outcome you desire, and just do it!

In this work I share many, many exercises or activities that you may pick and choose from amongst.  You do not have to try them all, though it might be very interesting for you to do so! Feel free to work with the ones that speak to you and leave the rest.  That having been said, you will likely benefit from experimenting with things that do not initially appeal to you. Allow happy surprises into your life by allowing yourself to experience new things, so long as your gut does not warn you away from doing so.

This is an ongoing series quick meditative practices for relaxation within oneself, within relationships, enhancing awareness, and improving one’s outlook.  Check back for new postings in this series every week or so check out these quick meditative practices now…

Quick Inner Relaxation Meditative Practices

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