Journeying vs Meditation


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Much of my work are suggestions of ways to work with and transform energy.  Many of them are presented in the form of journeys. A journey is a deeply relaxed state, and altered state of consciousness.  It differs from meditation in that, rather than focusing on something such as your breath, light, or a mantra, you let go and travel to and experience an alternate reality.  This alternate reality in my work is likely to be the ‘Underworld’ (unconscious/Hidden Realms/etc.), ‘Otherworld’ (alternate universe/different dimension/etc.), ‘Aboveworld’ (superconscious/Higher Mind/etc.), or another creative reality.

There are many ways to journey.  You can journey kinetically (through your body) or you can journey visually, seeing everything pictorially.  You can journey with sound, with your senses, or with your feelings. And you can journey in a way that is known only to you.  Whatever you choose, trust that it is the best way for you. 

Give yourself the right to journey.  Your subconscious mind might resist your journeying efforts in the beginning, as we are not conditioned to allow ourselves to freely disassociate from our 3D environment unless when sleeping.  This is easy to overcome, though. Just acknowledge any challenging thoughts that might try to discourage you from going on our journey, thank them for looking out for you, and get right back on your journey.  

Give yourself over to your way of journeying, knowing you will get what you need.

The focus of this work is nourishment and finding what is right for you.  Let go of any need to ‘do it right’ and just listen to what you need to do for yourself.  Your higher mind will support you on your own nourishing path. Why? Because it is so glad you are on one!

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