Stress Reduction Practices for Inner Relaxation

Building Inner Harmony

This practice uses the simple prop of your hand, or specifically your fingers.  It is a highly effective relaxation technique. Start mindfully giving attention to your breath and get yourself into a comfortable position, but not so comfortable that you will go to sleep.  Set the intention of building harmony within yourself for this practice. Now, follow these five simple steps to a pleasant sense of inner ease.

  1. On the same hand, touch your thumb to your index finger.  Now travel back in time to when you felt a healthy exhaustion after exerting yourself physically, such as exercise, gardening, mowing the lawn with a push mower or cleaning your house or garage.
  2. Next, touch your thumb to your middle finger. Travel back in time to a loving exchange with someone special, such as reading a cherished love letter, recalling a deeply emotionally satisfying sexual experience, a heart -expansive conversation with a loved one.
  3. Touch your thumb to your ring finger and recall the most caring gesture you have ever received.  Take this opportunity to truly accept this gift.
  4. Touch your thumb to your little finger and travel back in time to the most magnificent place that you have seen or dreamed about.  Take this moment to absorb all the beauty that surrounds you.
  5. Slowly open your eyes.  Wiggle your fingers and toes. Lift and drop your shoulders and come fully back to the present.

Feeling Safe

This post is one in a series of stress reduction practices for achieving deep inner relaxation.

I find it helps to ask myself every day, ‘What did I do to care for myself today?’.  This practice helps keep me mindful not to let myself fall through the cracks of my busy life.  It is important to understand that taking care of oneself is integral to taking good care of others.  Taking good care of ourselves allows us to take care of others.

feeling safe

It is fundamental to self care to keep stress at a minimum.  Choose from these collections of daily practices to help you relax your body and reduce the stress you carry.  Doing so will help you reduce stress, rediscover your passion for life, relate better to loved ones and colleagues, side step nagging tensions, petty distractions and useless worries.  These practices will make a real and lasting change in your life by relaxing your mind and body and energizing your soul..
The Practice for Feeling Safe

There is a profound power in the simple gesture of wishing safety for yourself.  As a meditation, this practice is done in the same spirit of a parent holding a frightened child and lovingly whispering soothing words.

The feeling of safety is priceless and often elusive.  Even the possibility of safety might at times seem unreachable. 

  1. Breathe mindfully for about one minute.
  2. Set your intention. For example, “May this practice support a feeling of safety in me.
  3. Relax. Let your eyes close, and imagine a picture of yourself.
  4. Bring compassionate attention to yourself, as a parent would a child.
  5. For the next few minutes, imagine speaking directly to yourself, whispering, “May I be safe and protected from all harm.”  
  6. Wish yourself safety as you would wish a friend a safe trip.
  7. End by opening your eyes and moving gently.


Author, Cathleen Vaune Carr

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