Prayer Challenges

Prayer is just focused thought (with or without spoken words).  It is usually an earnest hope, wish or expression of gratitude.  By repeatedly focusing on a thought you connect with Divine Intelligence to help bring it into being.

Improve your self esteem, attitude and life in seconds each day.

These challenges are fun and transformative!  Find easy affirmations, activities, & short prayers to help reprogram your subconscious mind, loosen up stagnant energy, and lift your spirits.


  • It helps to relax with a few slow, deep breaths before you begin – and to keep breathing while you proceed through.
  • If you like, call on your deity(ies) at the beginning and thank it/them at the end.
  • Recite your prayer in at least 3 different sessions per day, but 5 is even better.
  • Do whatever is comfortable and works for you.  Just keep doing it!

Let me know how you are doing with the challenge(s) and how you and your life transform.  When I can, I might share your experience (discreetly) in a YouTube video or blog post post!

Make it even more fun and invite your friends to do it, too!

Check back at once each month to see what new challenges have been added.

You will be glad you did these challenges as directly or indirectly you begin to see changes in your life in response to your repeated desire – sometimes in only a few days, but almost certainly by the end of the 30 day period.  If you can start on a new moon all the better, if not, no worries, your efforts will not be wasted.

Wishing you all the best!


P.S.  Please make a donation if you find this work to be helpful to you.  Doing so makes me feel great and encourages me to continue to produce it ;  )

To get started just click on the ‘Prayers & Meditations’ menu on the Categories side bar menu.


Select whichever prayer you need at this time.  Take a few slow deep breaths, inhale fully, slowly to a slow count of four, hold it for a slow count of four, release it to a slow count of four. Repeat 3 times, let you shoulders fall, let your face, neck and body relax. Then, with sincerity and belief, repeat the prayer 5 times per session. Do this 3-5 times per day, or more if you can. If you miss even one session you must start over again.  Mercy tip: If 30 days looms to onerous to you, then just do 7 days at a time ; )




Thank you, Great Spirit, for allowing me to shift my focus from future longing to present gratitude.  I recognize that by doing to I create a significant difference in my energy field. This new energy radiates and moves out from and around me and attracts more of what you have in store for me to me, according to your divine plan for my life. I know that I can keep my eye on future goals without losing sight of my present gifts.  I let go of lack. I look at the present gifts in my life with joy and satisfaction. I am glad.

Repeat this prayer 5xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.




Thank you, Great Spirit, for the wonderful new opportunities coming into my life.  I feel a momentous opportunity is being created for me.I am aware that divine energy is actively supporting, guiding and protecting me such that new opportunities will resonate to me as I trust in your process of unfolding.  I deserve heaven’s help no matter my past mistakes. As I forgive myself, I allow the energy of the universe to nourish me with new opportunities to do better. I realize that procrastination is an enemy, but an enemy I can easily defeat. I notice and embrace the new opportunities that are revealing themselves to me.  I know it is safe for me to trust them and allow them to enter into my life. I trust in the process.

Repeat this prayer 5xs per session and at least 3 sessions per day for 30 days.  If you miss even one session you must start over again.

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