Introduction to the work, Part 1



Greetings Divine Nation!


Thank you for joining me today at the Metaphysics Lessons website.  

This is PART 1 of a 2 PART INTRODUCTION to the Aquariana Gateway Lessons and the Aquariana Gateway Project (which is still in its seed development stage).

The Aquariana Gateway Lessons lead you step by step on the passage thru the gates of ascension and opening of the way successfully into the Light filled side of the Age of Aquarius.  

There are hundreds of Aquariana Gateway Lessons.  Each one is related to self improvement, self development, self transformation, and self mastery.  These lessons are a blend of approaches founded in psychology of the subconscious and superconscious used over the last 100 years to help millions turn themselves and their lives around for greater happiness, harmony, satisfaction, prosperity and a higher level of life enjoyment.

The Aquariana Gateway Lessons function as the cornerstone of the Gateway Aquariana Project serving as the key to unlock self transformation – resulting in life transformation- and world transformation.  

I am Minerva, your metaphysician, minister of mystical medicine, and Aquariana Gateway Guide.

I will provide you with mystical medicine prescriptions for the mind, soul and spirit.  My purpose is to help reduce human, environmental, and animal abuse and help transform the world into a place where creativity, capitalism and kindness merge and blend together, rather than break apart.  I hope you will choose to join me.  I need your help to make this a fuller reality.

What I present is directions for  (in a nutshell) how to change the world by changing ourselves and thereby inspiring change in others who are touched by us.  I hope you find the content to be both inspiring and helpful.

I believe the ripple effect of positive light and divine love is the only constructive way to bring about a world we all will be happy to live in and satisfy the purpose of the Age of Aquarius and the Divines’ intention for our lives. This information is not religious, but it is spiritual – as well as evidence based science related to energetics, neurogenesis, and psychology.


Here you will find mystical medicine to heal the soul and spirit, help clear the mind, and serve as inspiration for self transformation and life transformation.


  • Do you desire to be healed from within?
  • Do you seek understanding of universal laws?
  • Would you like to learn how to take your power back?
  • Do you desire to understand what taking your power back even means?
  • Do you desire a better life for yourself?
  • Do you desire a better relationship with yourself and others?
  • Do you believe that the future can be a wonderful and prosperity filled reality right here on earth?
  • Do you believe that there is an alternative life to the bleak prison state of the Matrix that many will continue to be caught up in now and on into the future?
  • Do you desire leadership to a place for yourself where your voice matters and your needs can be met without the vicious oppression of others or poisoning or destruction of the environment?
  • Do you just need someone to show you the way out?


Who benefits from this content?  

This program is for students seeking a regular organized program (or catch as catch can), who are willing to contribute to the sustenance and growth of this work and channel through sharing and self improvement, and who desire self and life transformation.

Is this work for you?  

Any age old enough to reason, background, social status, gender, race, color, sex type or orientation, education or financial status, political affiliation, in other words if you are a school aged or above human being, you can benefit from this information.  If you actually put into practice the lessons I guarantee you will will benefit palpably and tangibly from this work.

You must be willing to commit to a long term program, contribute to the sustenance and growth of the channel, community and its growth by contributing your constructive comments and feedback, good ideas to help develop the divine nation, support this work financially, and open yourself up to intense personal analysis through consultation, fearless introspection and the regular practice of meditation.


You can only find these lessons here on this channel and on the website Metaphysics  It is important to watch these videos, in order is best, and practice the work daily.  New lessons will be released every week and are paced for weekly absorption of the information so that best progress can be made.


I fervently hope I can be of service to you and the greater good of all.  I humbly ask you to join me on this journey through the Aquariana Gateway.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  For more information about me, these lessons and the larger program goals, and how your donation is used please visit and watch Part 2 of this Introduction.

Much of this work is freely shared with you.  This ongoing generosity is why your ongoing help and support via frequent or regular donation, subscription, liking and sharing is precious and needed.  Please do not just be a taker, give within your comfort zone.  Even $1 can make a difference!

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