Who is Minerva of the Aquariana Gateway Lessons?

Greetings Divine Nation!



For purposes of this work I am Minerva, your minister of mystical medicine and Aquariana Gateway Guide.  You can read more about me here on this website.



Thank you for joining me here on the Metaphysics Today channel.  I hope you find guidance,comfort and support for your life choices here.



I share mystical medicine to nurture the soul and spirit.  I do this by prescribing remedies for spiritual growth, self transformation, peace of mind, improved relationships, more abundance, and a happier life.  I do this by offering classes that teach you how to achieve all that.  It is easier than you think to transform your self and your life! 



  • I am here to lead.  I am your Guide through the AGLs (the Aquariana Gateway Lessons).
  • I am here to educate.  I am your teacher of stress reduction and longevity enhancing methods, along with spiritual metaphysical practices.
  • I am here to be a change agent.  I am here to help facilitate personal and societal change peacefully and incrementally, wholeheartedly, hopefully with intelligence and certainly with compassion.

Both the YouTube channel, Metaphysics Today and this website, MetaphysicsLessons.com, are supported by your generous donation, which is used to promote these lessons – these change facilitation methods – to ever increasing in size audiences across the country and around the world.

The world will change as each person either ascends or chooses to stay in the Matrix.  We each have this choice, but the choice must be well informed, and these lessons provide that important information leading to informed choice.  

Try not miss any of the videos the weekly lessons and other videos related to supporting your growth, development, improvement and transformation.  Also, please like and share each video.  This work cannot spread without your help.  A thousand thanks in advance for your support.

Know that I appreciate your encouraging and complimentary comments, your nurturing is priceless to me! I even am inspired by the nasty comments because I know I have hit a nerve! Know that I do pray for everyone who takes the time to get involved by interacting.  I encourage you to ask questions and  I might even answer some in videos shared on YouTube and on this website. I welcome you brilliant ideas for helping this important, world changing work along its own path to optimum unfolding.

For those of you who take and give, may blessings rain down upon you and yours.

Wishing you love, light, peace and prosperity,


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