Introduction to the Aquariana Gateway Lessons and Project, Part 2


The Aquariana Gateway is a weekly program devoted to the study of spiritual metaphysics for the purpose of self improvement, self development, self transformation, self mastery.  


Transform yourself and transform the world!

Greetings Divine Nation!  

I am Minerva, your Aquariana Gateway Guide.

This is PART 2 of the Introduction of to the Aquariana Gateway Lessons.  Please take a few minutes to read on Part 1 on the website or watch the Introduction Part 1 video, if you have not already done so.

It does not matter who you are, what your past is, or what your problems are, have been, or will be.  These lessons will help you.

Change your mind and change your life.  Transform yourself – and transform the world!

This work is getting a lot of attention and it occurred to me that a fuller introduction might prove helpful for clearer understanding AND to help you introduce others to the mission and purpose to this undertaking.  I am thrilled to have this task because I have been so enthusiastically encouraged by so many others to carry on!

I have been asked, “What makes this program special / unique / different from all these other similar sounding programs like The Secret? What makes this program important?  

The answer is, these are 10 things that set this program apart, (just off the top of my head) that make this program valuable.  (If you think of more please share those good ideas in the comments of any video on this channel.

  1. This is not a simple prosperity based program
  2. Many people have failed to fulfill the promise of the Secret because catalyzing information has been (I believe intentionally) left out of the Secret
  3. The goal and purpose of this work is not focused solely on materialism
  4. The goal and purpose of this work is not based upon doing away with capitalism
  5. One of the goals and purposes of this work is to make capitalism more humane
  6. This program is a step by step, gradually unfolding, process of both self improvement, self development, self transformation and self mastery
  7. This program is concerned with all the different areas of our lives
  8. This program includes what I call ‘principals and insight provided by mainstream magic’
  9. This program seeks to serve the development and ongoing support of a like-minded community development both here and around the world
  10. This community of like-minded souls seeks to change the world peacefully, nonviolently, incrementally, non destructively, with love and light, one person willingly at a time


Each one of these topics will likely become their own subject for a video, so give me time to get to that, please : )

Let me provide a little insight about what I mean by what I just outlined:

The AGL is NOT a simple law of attraction program though it does contain the principals of the universal law of attraction).

The Aquariana Gateway Lessons offer what is missing from The Secret as it is currently published- and as far as I am aware-,what is also missing from other Law of Attraction type programs.   

Let me explain further,..The Secret for example, tells you how the law of attraction, for example, works. It teaches you what to do. I will teach you HOW to do it so that effective dynamism will be brought into action.  I offer what is MISSING from “The Secret”  and these other philosophies as they are currently presented and the step by step process you MUST follow in order to bring those otherwise valid teachings, to life and full power for you.

And The AGL is presented as a start to finish process and program, not just a collection of ideas and principles.


Think of it like this, …


The AGL vs ‘The Secret” is the difference between reading about how to drive a car and actually practicing driving a car. The AGL teach you how to mind mend.   Or, using the same car as an example, it is the difference between learning the importance of how to maintain a car and getting inside info about and access to the best products and services and mechanics to use to get and keep it running and in good repair.

I am simply here to help you reclaim your latent power and to help you free yourself from old outdated mental shackles.  I cannot do any of this for you.  You must take personal responsibility to do it for yourself.  “The only way out, is in”.  You must do the work on yourself.  The magic lies within you.  I can just show you how to access and unleash it.  You have to connect to Divine Source –  your own inner knowing / intuition / connection to psychic energy.  AGL include  proven techniques for activating your own “Eye of Horus” and dormant DNA.

Some really insightful person said, ‘The truth cannot be told it must be realized’.  You have to do your part to change the world by making yourself better.  Master metaphysics and master your life.

The AGLs are only available here, through me.  That is why I know what you will learn every step of the way.  

These lessons have been handed down to me -person to person- from 4 generations ago – I am the fifth generation and the last to have added to them over the last 30 years.  Lots of people have bits and pieces of some of this content.  No one has it all except me! That is why I have accepted the responsibility of leading your through it.  I believe it is my purpose for being here and for having been through all the ‘stuff’ I have been through which led me to actually using this inherited parts of this program to save my own life—I KNOW it works!  I have simply added to it more  modern and user friendly for the 21st Century Initiate.

This work is non-religious & non-denominational.  All faiths are welcome and respected.  None of this work requires ‘belief’ in the religious sense of that word. You can believe what you wish.  Frankly, no belief is required for this to work.  What is required is understanding and practice.

The focus here is on the mental and spiritual for self help, self improvement, self development and self transformation.  “Change yourself and you change the world”.  All the power lies within you and you are worthy of embracing it.

These AGLs principles and exercises are simple… but the catch is you MUST REGULARLY PRACTICE.  As with anything else that is to be mastered, practice makes better, and eventually perfect.  Regular practice is ‘mandatory’ if you can expect to see promised results.  Take the Lessons in order to get the understanding you need for practical progress.  Practicing these lessons as instructed will change your brain.  That’s right!  The brain’s physiology WILL change resulting in healing, transformation and activation of more of your brain’s untapped potential.

You will learn how to align your feelings with  your desires.  You will learn proper breathing techniques to facilitate not only stress reduction but also to empower prayers and affirmations.

You will learn how to activate and master yourself, the laws of manifestation and attraction, and the universal laws of life and metaphysics.

Over the course of just the beginner lessons you will learn how to :

  • Improve your physical health naturally without spending any money
  • You will learn how to lose weight healthfully without drugs, fad or extreme diets- and again, without spending any money
  • You will learn how to foster peace within yourself and within your home
  • You will learn how to master the laws of attraction for love, money, success and ascension
  • You will learn how to become a better, more authentic you!


There are only three things you have to do regularly to get the most out of the AGLs:

  1. Watch and review these lessons as often as you can, week by week, in order
  2. Practice these lessons as often as you can
  3. Donate to support this channel and the GAP work as often and as regularly as you can.  Every $1 makes a difference.  By helping this work grow you help change the world.


Please join me on the Aquariana Gateway journey!  Remember, go in order, spend at least 1 full week (yes, 7 days) on each lesson prior to moving on to the next.  Give yourself time to deeply absorb the information and to impress it onto your subconscious mind.  These fundamentals must be learned and mastered for success.  

It does not matter who you are, what your past is, or what your problems are, have been, or will be.  These lessons will help you.  

Remember, change your mind and change your life.  Transform yourself – and transform the world!

For more information please visit the Metaphysics Today YouTube channel.  


Wishing you love, light, peace and prosperity,


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