10 Steps to Intuitively Read the Tarot

It is interesting what can be learned by simple observation or focus.  Even when you are not trying to learn anything, sometimes just observing or focusing on something can cause a breakthrough in perception or a new idea to pop into our head.  No doubt this has already happened to you in your life, so you know it’s true…we do not need 3rd party scientific proof of this phenomenon, do we?  

how to read tarot cards

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There is something in this lesson for most everyone: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  This lesson will help you move more gracefully through a reading and unlock more doors to information and improve accuracy.  

The purpose of this lesson is to suggest that you learn how to tier your tarot readings and read with your intuition.  I will teach you how to use 3 levels of observation, successively or individually,  as your skill level will allow, to read the Tarot – for yourself or for another person just using your intuition.  

Whichever level of skill you use, just allow the insights to flow.  This requires that you be open to receive them and trust that they are leading you correctly.  Ideas, concepts, images, will pop into your hear with increasing ease as you reduce your resistance to receiving them.  Allow the insights that appear add to the reading. The cards will give you multiple ideas, any or all of which are likely applicable or helpful to the overall reading or purpose of the reading.  Even if a client says, ‘No, that does not apply’, it might apply later, or they might just realize that it does later. So, say it!

Beginner level: 

Beginners find these tips helpful.  They also come in handy for more experienced readers who might feel stuck or blank or unsure…

  1. What’s the first (very first) image that your eye/mind sees or is drawn to on the face of the card – OR that comes to mind as the card falls?
  2. What, on the face of the card OR in your mind keeps calling your attention?
  3. What is the first keyword, key phrase, or concept that comes to mind when you look at the card OR consider the querent’s question in context of the card?


Intermediate level:  After you become comfortable with utilizing the first three tips, you can take your reading skills to the next level by:

  1. Building out  from your base layer of impressions.  Explore the who, what, when, how, why? that a card suggests
  2. Narrow your focus to any other concepts or images that speak to you and merge them into your base story
  3. Define symbols, concepts, or describe the image such that it relates to the story.  This can be giving direction, color analysis, season, environment, action in the scene, interaction between people or people and things, etc.
  4. Connect your card to its placement in the spread 
  5. Connect the card in its placement to the story line OR distinguish it as either: another option, another possibility, an opposing force, challenge / obstacle, etc.


Advanced level: Lift your reading skills by using these two tips for smooth, and insightful readings:

  1. Use grammatical conjunctions to develop your story and to connect the cards
  2. Follow the energy path to help describe the journey flow of the story


The key is to let the mental energy FLOW – not so much your rational mind…let your intuition flow freely, doing so encourages it to continue to give to you.  Let it reveal to you what needs to be known. Even if it does not seem germane at the time to you or the client, it will later –  or could help clear up a past or current situation not even asked about.  

Science has proven that one reason women tend to need to talk is that talking frees up our mind.  A free mind is one through which intuition can be released to do its thing! So, keep talking and share your intuitive flow with CONFIDENCE.  Doing so signals to your intuition that you trust it and respect it. Those simple acknowledgments are all it needs to keep on giving.

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